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The NSU Prinz were wonderful little cars powered by an air-cooled 4-cylinder engine. The design was inspired by the General Motors "wraparound" concept first seem on the Corvair, later adopted for the Corvette Sting Ray.
The quality and performance of the little car made them very popular, but NSU was in financial trouble already and had a tough time producing at a profit. After the courageous but failed experiment of the Wankel rotary engine of which the segmentation was defective, NSU was absorbed by the Auto-Union group.

The Prinz sedan were actively raced in Germany and France, and won their class more often than not. They are indeed popular cars with collectors and represent an excellent choice for a slot car, as good as any Fiat-Abarth 1000TC.

Of course if Revell GMBH had been based in England, they could have decided to produce yet another Mini-Cooper... but an Hillman Imp would have been indeed a better choice.
I am really waiting for a "Deek", a DKW 3-cylinder 2-stroke, beautiful little sedan from the same mid 1960's period. Allan McNish drove one at Goodwood 3 weeks ago.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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