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Reverse analog car direction with PC plugged into 7042

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I just wondered if any of you learned gentlemen knew how to change the driving direction of analog cars when you have an SSDC PC plugged into the APB? I have found answers to every other question I have had on this forum but this has me stumped so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanking you in advance.

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You have to set it with the tower and then the direction is fixed.

Note I found a bug the other night. When it reports that its direction setting is "right" and you want to change to "left" you have to do the following: drill down the menu to analog mode, d'rctn, if it says "right" then with the side arrows move to "left" then on again to "right" and hit select. Although you now appear to have chosen the same one you were on if you go up the menu and back down you will find it now reports as "left" and the cars will go the opposite way.

Sure confused the hell out of me for an evening!
Riko, I thought it was just me being thick! Thanks for putting my faith back in myself.
When in analog you can push the lanechange button on the throtte - and it will change direction !!
OK, thanks very much for the speedy reply. Does it then remember the direction once the APB has been powered down? I will give it a go tomorrow, its getting late down under and I really need my beauty sleep (probably too late for that actually)
Thanks again chaps
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Yes once it is set it remembers.
and I am planning to fix the problem with the menu system very soon.
Cool. I was also confused by what I was seeing/doing in that menu.

Also, I was wondering what the various lane options mean. Was I correct in assuming that there is an option that sets direction for both lanes at once, as well as individual options for each lane?
It all works as you guys described, simpler menus will be great. I can't wait for the next set of updates for SSDC and the APB, you guys do a fantastic job.
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