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Reviving an old Kellogg's Chevy

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The old black window Tupperware NASCARs are hardly at the top of anyone's wish list but when I picked up two for £7 I realised that actually they're a pretty good likeness for the real thing. The downside is that they were fitted to a non-NASCAR chassis and as a result the body shape was compromised - in the Chevy's case, the rear bumper comes all the way down to cover up the twin tail pipes and other nastiness.

The rest of the body is pretty good, though. After the angular Lumina was used as Chevy's body in the late 1980s and early1990s, the Monte Carlo body came back to NASCAR in 1995. It is this first body shape that Scalextric captured, which was the template used in 1995-99 (the second Monte Carlo then ran from 2000-02, which you need to convert a Scalextric Pontiac Grand Prix to achieve, and the third body shape used from 2003-07 is available from Scalextric and SCX).

First of all I masked off the rear of the car and trimmed the rear bumper closer to the real car's shape:

Car Wheel Vehicle Tire Hood

This meant chopping the chassis a bit to lose the tailpipes...

Tire Automotive tire Light Motor vehicle Wheel

The body and chassis were sanded, then I also sanded the body mounts down until the stance was better. Finally a few bits of paint to detail and the additional stickers from the box went on - very sticky after 20+ years, be later sealed down with Klear. And here's the result:

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Car Vehicle Hood Tire Wheel

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Apologies for the photos - I lost them off my camera so had to copy them from my Instagram account. All in all pretty happy with a very cheap Bank Holiday project!


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Nice work :)P

Is it just me, or does the "Kellogg's cockerel" on the bonnet / hood look like a duck with an Elvis quiff?? ;) :p
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