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RIP Carroll Shelby

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Dallas News Article

Legendary racer and car builder, Carroll Shelby has died. Creator of the iconic Shelby Cobra amongst others and no mean peddler himself, he'll be sorely missed.

As a tribute, how about those of you lucky enough to have slot car models of his cars share some pics with us?
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Hi Guys
Yes a sad day ,the man was a true legend ,if only because he is one of the few to tell enzo that he would have his a*se and then ACTUALLY DO IT !
Had the honour to meet him down at haynes cobra day a few years ago ,and he gave a great speech after dinner
With his health problems (he was already taking angina pills while he won at lemans) it is a testament to his courage aND duralbility that he lasted this long

Cheers tony
Hi all carrol shelby fans
tonight at 8.00 on bbc 3 or 4 cobra Vs ferrari wars documentry
Should be worth a watch

Cheers tony
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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