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I don't know anything about economics but I'll add to your comments. In the example you mention, basically it costs you a couple pounds extra to order from the US...which means if you accept the delay, you get a small bonus in price. From a basic "global economy" point of view that seems to make some sense. How about in reverse though? Every time I want something I can only get from Pendles or wherever, it costs me an arm and a leg...all that postage as well as paying those "high" UK prices.

Also, it's not as though all items are less expensive here. We buy our prescription drugs at much higher prices than even in neighboring countries (from the same manufacturers). I won't even mention health care, which can be a huge cost for those who aren't fully covered by insurance. On the other side, our gas/petrol has always been relatively inexpensive compared with the rest of the world.

How does one balance all this out for comparison? Comparing Consumer Price Index? I don't know really. Is it that there is an issue with unfair pricing in slot hobby products, or is there a funny balance from country to country...some things cost more, some less?

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