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Its not specific to the uk or the slotworld, for instance i can buy 2 yamaha cv joints complete for my atv at my local yamaha dealer for $850.00 which is steep but hey i want to go riding sorry we will have order them in 3-5 days ,I can buy 2 of the same from the states take 8 - 10 days and costs $360 including postage and handling now im all for making a profit as im a business owner myself .As mentioned before it is importatnt to frequent your dedicated local store as much as you can as the pressures of competetion come from all side now, who can remember when a petrol station's soul purpose was to sell petrol not bread /milk chocolates ,chips ,toys,sunglasses,ect ,all i want is petrol and the guy in front is
doing his weekly grocery shop, i must be getting old .it also depends on how much your goverment is protecting your manufacturing industry and how much they feel they must keep
your nieghbours happy by not imposing high taxes on imports .
lots of factors involved yes some are just plain and simple money grabs most are caused by usless governments anyways enough whinging theres slotcars to race beers to drink
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