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RIP Patrick Tambay

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Patrick Tambay: Former Formula 1 Ferrari driver Tambay dies aged 73
Former Ferrari driver Tambay dies aged 73
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Sad news indeed, Patrick had quite a wide range of F1 rides,most folks will remember Ferrari and Renault mainly.
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There are not too many grand prix winners who you could also say were real gentlemen. Partick was one of the few. Imola 1983 will always be in my heart.
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A man I looked up to when I was a kid.
A man I respected and admired for so many reasons for so many years.
A man who sometimes seemed bemused by the continued fondness the racing public
had for him so many years after he stopped being an active racing driver.
Like the 'Captain' said. A real Gentleman.

One of my very few heroes is gone.

Rest in peace Patrick.
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He didn't just race in Formula One. He won the Can-Am Championship twice: 1977 &1980.

RIP Patrick.
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