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ROC Race of Champions - Wembley Stadium

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First off I better say thanks to the missus for supporting me. She was the one that encouraged me to make a thread about my build because to be honest Id rather be building it than posting on
a forum but hey I guess some of you would like to see it. So lets get on with it.

The design was made on Autocad and was in the making on and off for about a year. I have used artistic license on the layout to fit in with my requirements. i.e. dismantlable and no bigger than 6' x 12'.
I wanted a track with as long a lane as possible and use the ROC format but also be able to have longer races so the lane spacing is 50mm going to 100mm on the straights and 2 passing points.
Lanes are yellow and red
Barrier Blue (which will be routed also and strips of hardboard glued in)
Grass green
Lane lengths are in the top left corner in mm

Progress so far

As you can see I work in a single car garage so logistics is a nightmare.

I dont plan on going too indepth with the build but occasional updates when there is something worth showing, but if you have any questions or comments I will try my best to answer them.

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Thanks for the comments.
Nothing much to report, nearly finished the routing. Just waiting for some filler to dry, router slipped

Zook, by Sintra do you mean the blue material (cos I guess you dont mean the place in Portugal
), its dense polystyrene sheet used in building for insulation. Great material for dioramas, scenery etc. Never heard it called that before.

Should be some more photos tomorrow.

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There is 4mm difference in the lane length. I can live with that
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QUOTE (4.3 ZOOK @ 4 Oct 2012, 02:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Your base board didn't look like MDF,thought it might be this Sintra from the way the screws dented the material in...
I have countersunk all the screws so I can get some filler in there.

All routing is now finished.

Im now concentrating on one board at a time, they need sides, barriers, filler and plenty of sanding.

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First piece finished and primered.

On to the next piece
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Second piece finished and primered.

Now for the last more complicated piece.
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Thanks for the comments.

I'll try to explain how it goes together.

First I made the frame, I used a thinner piece of wood for the sides that connect together as I wanted this to be slightly flexible. I figured that if I made this edge too rigid it was gonna be impossible to keep the join level over 6 foot.
I then attached an mdf strip under the edge of the 2 end pieces.
Then clamped the boards together and drilled the holes.
When routing the straights I bolted the boards together so the lanes will always match up.
The bolts are furniture bolts and they sit flush with the surface of the mdf.

I have given them a test fit and it works a treat, I just need to shim it up a bit in a couple of places, which I did with a couple of strips of card.

Hopefully these couple of pics will help to explain.

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First mock-up of the bridge in 4mm MDF.
The board is reccessed / routed 4mm deep to accept the MDF.

Very low cars bottom out slightly on the crown of the bridge, I may see if I can lower the arc a little.
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QUOTE (MrFlippant @ 17 Oct 2012, 17:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Lower it, maybe, but don't try to flatten the top off, or cars will bottom out on the transition.
It might not be enough to worry about as cars in motion don't tend to have the same issues as when being pushed slowly.
Also, don't lower it too much that any cars (trucks?
have problems going under!

Thanks for confirming my thoughts.

QUOTE (GavTheHat @ 17 Oct 2012, 17:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks a good start to an interesting project. One thing troubles me though if you set it up in the garage, where do the racers stand?

It would trouble me too. Luckily my living room is big enough for it when the furniture is moved.
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Time for a little update.
Not done much this week, my wife has given birth to another boy (now Ive got 2 excuses
) so Ive been a little busy.

First dry fit of the pieces of bridge, cars still rub slightly but the wheels still rotate.

Next, prime all parts that I wont be able to get too and glue and screw it together.
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I have got a little done since last update.

Bridge finished

Timing gantry finished

It comes off for storage

Barriers and sides fitted

Gotta say Im pretty pleased with the results, the bridge came out really well, its level and even over its length with no bottoming out of the cars.
Not sure about the timing gantry, dont know whether it looks too big! I would have prefered a scale version of the one used at Wembley but the dimensions just wouldnt work out.
I'll be really glad when the woodwork is over. I'm getting sick of the mdf dust getting just about everywhere even though I hoover up regularly and its getting cold in the garage.

Im starting to think about paint now. Not for the track as I think I have that sorted but for the barriers, bridge etc.
I want a mat or satin finish, the best I have found so far are paints used in bathrooms and kitchens but would prefer a wood paint.
Does anybody have a suggestion on a durable, mat or satin, available in bright colours and is water based paint that is available in the UK?

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Thanks for the comments.

Like I said Im pretty pleased with it, it has to be the most complicated thing I have made in wood.
It took a lot of head scratching and produced a big pile scrap wood.

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QUOTE (Wraith @ 6 Nov 2012, 21:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Congrats on the new member to the family, or should I say to the slot community.

What a great rally track (I won't say small as its bigger than my non existent track and its about the fun not the size)

Can't wait to see the work progress.


QUOTE (Riley Elf @ 8 Nov 2012, 11:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sorry to be late catching up with your build,Slim. It looks really good.

And it's rare to find a prototype where you can get close to a scale model of the original track.

I do admire your use of CAD; but having done the CAD drawing, couldn't you have saved yourself a lot of pain (and lung damage) by getting someone with a CNC router to do the cutting out for you? - not that they would have done any better job than you obviously have!

Finally,excuse my being obtuse, but I still haven't got a clear picture of how the track is constructed. You said in answer to a previous question that it was high density polystyrene sheet, but then when describing how you joined the sections together, you said the furniture screws were recessed into the MDF.Is it a skin of MDF glued to a core of insulation board? If so, what was the name of the board, and what did you use to glue it?

I've recently done a small(tiny,really) portable track using 3mm MDF glued to insulation board with "No more nails" type glue.

Apologies again for creating a distraction when you're so far on with the project.


Hi David glad you could make it.
I suppose I could have had it CNCed but would rather do it myself, as for lung damage I always where a mask and would go nowhere near MDF without one.
There is no polystyrene in my build, I think you read it wrong. MDF surface and wood frame.

No real progress to report, I have done some filling and sanding and have made a couple of pieces for locating the timing gantry.

Hopefully more soon, when I have found some more motivation.

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QUOTE (Riley Elf @ 8 Nov 2012, 17:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>With a new addition to the family, you'll probably get some motivation when you get a bit of sleep!

Best wishes for both.


Cheers, I had a couple of days rest and some good sleep and am at it again.

Just a progress report today.

I have finished all the woodwork at last.

Im busy having a good tidy up and getting rid of all the dust.
Next I'll primer this last piece and hopefully in the next couple of days I will assemble all 3 pieces and take a picture.
Personally I cant wait to see it all together.

Still unsure of what paint to use. Anybody have any suggestions?

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Hi all

As promised pics of the track assembled.
Sorry about the quality of the photos, its a decent camera its just the user is no good!

Just a couple of minor details to fix and then on with the painting.
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Thanks for the positive comments.

For timing I will be using Ultimate Racer 3.0 using a very simple setup of Infared emitters and Phototransisters via old laptop printer port,
though I am going to see if I can get it running on a USB.

Cheers Slim
Hi all

Just a little update to report no progress.

I started painting the middle section, have painted the barriers and bridge.
The weather got too cold to paint.
I was rushed into hospital with acute appendicitus, spent a week there, came out with a stomach bug, got over that and now have the flu.
All this and Im still recovering from the operation.

There is some good news though.
I have boarded off the garage door to keep the cold out. So I should be able to carry on once Xmas is over.

Merry Xmas to all, see you in the New Year.


P.S. What a surprise Germany has won the ROC Nations Cup again.
Shame Great Britain couldnt have entered a stronger team.
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As always, thanks for the kind comments.

QUOTE (Julian_Boolean @ 15 Dec 2012, 21:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Are you going to allow the Germans to change the track after most of the other teams have practised?

No, I wont be putting in a silly chicane because some drivers are too lazy to turn up for practise.

Im really looking forward to getting back into it, but I still havnt done any of my Xmas preparations yet so it is going to have to wait.

Cheers Slim
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QUOTE (nik kerswill @ 18 Dec 2012, 21:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>now THAT'S impressive!

well done slim

QUOTE (Lou E @ 31 Dec 2012, 03:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Awesome track!!

Look forward to seeing it finished.
QUOTE (PerryCox @ 10 Jan 2013, 19:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>nice idea to build that track.

looking forward the to finished track!

Thanks, Im looking forward to it being finished too, but its a way off yet.

At last I do have some progress to report.

All the white will be grass when finished.
Just a bit of touching up to do and I'll start the next one.

Cheers Slim
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Wow, over 2 months since my last post.
As you all can guess progress has been a little slow.
I have been doing little bits as and when I can.
I have very nearly finished all the painting and copper taping.
Will post up photos in the next couple of days of the other 2 painted sections.

Cheers Slim
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