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ROC Race of Champions - Wembley Stadium

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First off I better say thanks to the missus for supporting me. She was the one that encouraged me to make a thread about my build because to be honest Id rather be building it than posting on
a forum but hey I guess some of you would like to see it. So lets get on with it.

The design was made on Autocad and was in the making on and off for about a year. I have used artistic license on the layout to fit in with my requirements. i.e. dismantlable and no bigger than 6' x 12'.
I wanted a track with as long a lane as possible and use the ROC format but also be able to have longer races so the lane spacing is 50mm going to 100mm on the straights and 2 passing points.
Lanes are yellow and red
Barrier Blue (which will be routed also and strips of hardboard glued in)
Grass green
Lane lengths are in the top left corner in mm

Progress so far

As you can see I work in a single car garage so logistics is a nightmare.

I dont plan on going too indepth with the build but occasional updates when there is something worth showing, but if you have any questions or comments I will try my best to answer them.

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Phew! The pedant in me was unnecessarily concerned. As you were....
Wow, doesnt time fly when you have a new baby!

I have only got to play with my track twice since I last posted and hadnt done anymore to it.
I recently found some free time to start finishing it off.

I got my other half to print out the templates for the grass, which I then transferred onto the grass mat (from Games Workshop).
All that is left is to cut them out and stick to the track with PVA.

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Great track to drift all round
, superb quality work. well done
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VERY impressive.

Lots of thought gone into that, I especially like the 'waiting area'in the foreground of the last pick, complete with 'slotlets so the waiting cars sit level, magic stuff.
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Thanks all for your kind comments.

@ Mr Modifier. By all means please do, I took alot of the ideas from this forum, so I would be an ass if I was to say no.

But please do a build thread so we can all see how you go about it.

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Slim, read through this thread this afternoon. Great rendition of the ROC track - would be fun to drive. Thanks for sharing.
I will post a thread when I start.

The plan is to do it in the Summer - providing work commitments allow.

If I can get close to the quality of your work I will be very happy!
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Finally got round to finishing off the grass and had a chance to play.

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Nice build well done

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