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Hi All

I decided to get adventurous and after reading advice on this forum I built a 2m long by 60 cm high rock wall.

I made it from a 50mm thick sheet of polystyrene insulation sheet. I started by cutting the ends and top with a jigsaw to make it curvey rather than square. I then "hacked away" like a madman with a spoon to sculpt the surface. (still not sure how I'm going to collect up all the bits blowing round the garden).

I then painted it with grey emulsion paint (took forever to work it into the cracks). When that was partly dry I Used brown plasticote flecked paint by spraying from the bottom of the rock face upwards to emulate shadows, and grey fleck paint from the top down, added a bit of green and stand back with a cup of tea.

I'm quite pleased with it for my first attempt.

BUT, now It's done I thought it could do with a rock climber or two but cant seem to find any by searching the internet. Anyone got any ideas where I might source a scale figure?

Thanks in advance

pictures of rockface
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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