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Hello Kev, thanks for posting this interesting item. What sort of speed is required to run over this? Dead slow, slow, quick ??
Yeah it seems a bit tough on the car that arrives second, probably wouldn't have been too difficult for Jouef to do a split unit. No doubt this would end up with a game-play where each driver would wait until the last moment to trip the see-saw and max the "inconvenience" to the other driver.

Kind regards, Leo
PS, video please...

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Hi Leo....sorry, but I`m a total numpty so I don`t know how to do videos.....

If you go to fast the rocking road just becomes a flying leap! I like to go up fairly slow so I can get the proper tipping action..I like the noise it makes....
I think that getting onto it 1st would be a bit of a game of chicken, if I had any mates to play with!

The track was made between 1968 & 1972.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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