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Rockingham Slot Car Club (formerly Wellingborough Scalextric Club) invite entries for our annual 'September Classic' race meeting.

RACING CLASSES will be the same as in previous years.

Any car that competed in any race counting towards the drivers world championship between the 1st Jan 1950 and the 31st Dec 1960.
Any car the competed in any other Formula 1 race during the same period.
We will also allow cars that competed in the 1961 'Intercontinental Championship'.
Streamliners may be entered provided the chassis used would fit under a normal, non streamlined car. ie. No sports car style chassis is permitted.
Cars must comply with CSCRA Grand Prix class 3 rules. 1950-51 cars may use wheels and tyres to class 3 dimensions.
Ready to run cars may be entered but must comply with CSCRA RTR rules. There will be a separate award for the top RTR car.

Any car complying to any of the CSCRA Saloon Car classes except Group 5.
All scratch built cars must be of inline motor configuration.
The maximum tyre width for all cars will be 9mm (overall width not tread width).
Ready to run cars may be entered but must comply with CSCRA RTR rules. There will be a separate award for the top RTR car.

MEETING FORMAT will also be as in previous years.

Will be judged by all entrants awarding marks out of 10 to each entry.

Will follow our usual format.
Each entrant will have a 3 minute qualifying heat on each of the four lanes.
The total distance covered in the best TWO of those heats will decide your position in the step up finals.
Your Concours car must be raced in at least one heat but it does not have to be one of the heats that counts in qualifying.
You may run a different car in each qualifying heat if you wish to but only one of these cars may be used in the finals.
If there are enough entries (at least 4) we may run separate RTR finals.

Will be decided by awarding points for your finishing position in both races and concours competitions.
Highest total score wins.

You will find our new club room to be a vast improvement over the old place.
Plenty of parking space all around and only one flight of stairs to climb.

Please indicate your intention to enter either on this thread or by PM.
Entry fee will be £7 for one class or £10 for both. Payable on the day.
We look forward to seeing all the regulars and hopefully some new faces as well.


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Your place is booked. I hope Mark and Mick can come as well.
I will open up on Saturday for practice from midday to around 6pm as usual.

Your place is also booked. Pay on the day as usual.

Good to have your support. I think we will be OK for Double Trouble.

There are far too many shows these days, finding an event free weekend is near impossible, but I'm sure we'll see you here sometime soon.

I've heard all about these Lads weekends in Prague, don't go getting arrested or catching anything nasty.


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Hi Clive,
Your place is booked.

Hi Tony,
The 1/24th scale meeting was down for the 22nd July.
However, due to moving and therefore having to postpone our vintage 'Double Trouble' meeting, we have decided to combine the two events over one weekend.

Big Birds and Grand Sports
1/24th scale race meeting to CSCRA regs will be on Saturday 21st July.

Double Trouble
The Vintage meeting will be on Sunday 22nd July.

It's a shame we had to do this but the roof at the old clubroom was just so bad that we couldn't risk having another big meeting there.
It does give everyone a chance to race four classes in one weekend though.
We will also do a combined entry fee of just £15 for anyone racing both days.

Hope you can make it.

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Hi Bill,
The main straight, past the pits, was always the fastest straight on the track.
The straight under the bridge has a hairpin at each end and was always slower, especially with the kink in the middle. Not many cars could take that 'flat'.

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If there is anyone else out there who wants to come along and race we have plenty of space.
You don't have to post on here, just arrive on the day and we will fit you in.

If anyone wants to practice on Saturday 1st September I will be there from midday till about 6pm.
It would be helpful if you could indicate on here if you intend to come on the Saturday.

Looking forward to our fist big event at our new clubroom.


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Hi Mick,
The nearest place would be the Holiday Inn on the A43. It's less than 5 mins away by car.
I'm sure Gavin will know some other local places and I'll try to get him to post some on here tomorrow.
I don't know who else might be staying over.
See you Saturday,

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Hi Guys,
Approximate timetable for this weekend;

Midday to 6pm - free practice for anyone who can make it.

Doors open 8am.
Practice 8am to 10am with priority give to those who didn't practice on Saturday.
10am to 10.30am Concours Judging.
10.30am Racing.
We aim to finish by 5pm.

There will be the usual tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks available in the clubroom.
There is an Asda and McDonalds a short drive from the club.

See you all there.

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Hi Steve,
Thanks for your input.
I believe that the track is wired exactly as it was at Wellingborough and I don't remember any problems being reported there.
Although the event allowed brass chassis we run with a minimum of 1.5mm ground clearance so chassis shorting to the track braid is unlikely, and a number of the guys experiencing problems were using plastic chassis cars. They also say they have not had the same issues running the same cars at other tracks.
One of our members, Matt Tucker, uses a Truespeed, although it's an older one, and has experienced no problems at all through several evenings of racing.
It did seem that the problem usually occurred when two Truespeeds were being used at the same time. I don't know why that should be.
It's very difficult to sort the issue when we have been unable to repeat the problem, but I do want to solve it.
I do have a couple of ideas as to how to fix it and I'll send you a current wiring diagram and my thoughts about alterations by PM this evening.

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Hi All,
I have finally found the time to sit down and type out all the results.
Sorry for the delay but the past few weeks have been very busy.

Concours first.
This was done on the 'peoples vote' system with all entrants marking all the cars out of 10.

Grand Prix Concours

1. David Farrow - 117
2. Malcolm Scotto - 114
3. Bill Charters - 110
4= Andy Bartle - 107
4= Mick Langridge - 107
6. Mick Kerr - 105
7= Phil Field - 102
7= John Secchi - 102
9. Lewis Gough - 98
10. John Roche - 94
11. Eddie Grice - 91
12. John Moxon - 88
13. Matt Tucker - 81
14. Keith Clements - 71
15. Phil Insull - 68
16. Mick Thomson - 67
17. Ralph Parker - 66

Saloon Concours

1. John Roche - 112
2. Mick Kerr - 111
3. Mick Langridge - 105
4= John Secchi - 104
4= David Farrow - 104
6. Keith Clements - 97
7. John Moxon - 95
8. Bill Charters - 88
9. Phil Field - 87
10. Mick Thomson - 86
11. Eddie Grice - 83
12= Matt Tucker - 82
12= Lewis Gough - 82
14. Malcolm Scotto - 80
15= Andy Bartle - 69
15= Phil Insull - 69
17. Ralph Parker - 65

On to the racing.

Grand Prix Qualifying Heats
Best 2 of 4 x 3 minute runs

1. Matt Tucker - 34.60
2. Mick Kerr - 32.90
3. Mick Thomson - 32.80 (RTR)
4. David Farrow - 32.64
5. Bill Charters - 31.95
6. Phil Field - 31.85
7. Eddie Grice - 30.37
8. John Roche - 30.30
9. Mick Langridge - 29.64
10. Andy Bartle - 29.30
11. John Secchi - 29.28
12. Keith Clements - 27.99 (RTR)
13. Ralph Parker - 27.82 (RTR)
14. Phil Insull - 27.46 (RTR)
15. John Moxon - 27.19
16. Lewis Gough - 25.83
17. Malcolm Scotto - 25.60

This seeded everyone into 25 lap step up finals.

Grand Prix F Final
1. Malcolm Scotto
2. Lewis Gough

Grand Prix E Final
1. Phil Insull
2. Ralph Parker
3. John Moxon
4. Malcolm Scotto

Grand Prix D Final
1. John Secchi
2. Keith Clements
3. Phil Insull
4. Andy Bartle

Grand Prix C Final
1. Mick Langridge
2. Eddie Grice
3. John Secchi
4. John Roche

Grand Prix B Final
1. David Farrow
2. Phil Field
3. Bill Charters
4. Mick Langridge

Grand Prix A Final
1. David Farrow
2. Mick Kerr
3. Matt Tucker
4. Mick Thomson

Grand Prix RTR Final
1. Mick Thomson
2. Keith Clements
3. Ralph Parker
4. Phil Insull

Saloon Qualifying Heats
Best 2 of 4 x 3 minute runs

1. Mick Kerr - 34.09
2. Mick Thomson - 33.23
3. Matt Tucker - 32.86
4. David Farrow - 32.56
5. Phil Field - 32.49
6. John Secchi - 31.48
7. Eddie Grice - 31.36
8. Mick Langridge - 30.65
9. Bill Charters - 30.49
10. John Moxon - 27.12
11. John Roche - 26.88
12. Ralph Parker - 26.52 (RTR)
13. Keith Clements - 25.19

Saloon Finals followed the same format as Grand Prix

Saloon D Final
1. John Moxon
2. Keith Clements
3. Ralph Parker
4. john Roche

Saloon C Final
1. Bill Charters
2. Eddie Grice
3. Mick Langridge
4. John Moxon

Saloon B Final
1. David Farrow
2. John Secchi
3. Phil Field
4. Bill Charters

Saloon A Final
1. David Farrow
2. Mick Kerr
3. Matt Tucker
4. Mick Thomson

With only Ralph Parker running an RTR in this class no separate final was run.

Finally points were awarded for each drivers position in Concours and Racing to determine the Overall Champion of the Meeting.

With 3 first places and a 4th this was clearly won by David Farrow.

Overall Champion - Full results

1. David Farrow - 108
2. Mick Kerr - 90
3. Mick Langridge - 65
4. Bill Charters - 63
5= John Secchi - 60
5= John Roche - 60
7. Matt Tucker - 59
8. Phil Field - 57
9. Mick Thomson - 52
10. Eddie Grice - 46
11. Keith Clements - 42
12. John Moxon - 40
13. Malcolm Scotto - 36
14. Andy Bartle - 32
15= Ralph Parker - 24
15= Lewis Gough - 24
17. Phil Insull - 21

Thanks to all who supported the event and congratulations to David Farrow on a supremely successful day.

Next years event will take place on Sunday 1st September.
It will probably be for the same classes but we may have a change as we have run these classes for several years now.
Do not post entries for next year on this thread. I will start a new one in the New Year.


PS. We have decided that the new track surface is just too rough and plan to smooth it down before next year.
I will also be making a small change to the track wiring which may solve the problems with some Truespeed controllers. I have been in contact with Steve Hills but he can see nothing wrong with the existing track wiring. We have had no similar problems with any other electronic controllers and Matt and John Underwood continue to use their Truespeeds without any issues.

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Hi All,
As Ian Howard has decided to hold a round of the 'Heart of England Grand Prix' series on the 1st Sept 2013 I will, this time only, move the Rockingham Classic meeting back a week to Sunday 8th September in order to avoid reduced attendance at either or both meetings.
There are no other meetings that I know of on that date and Goodwood have confirmed that the Revival Meeting, which I know may of you try to attend, will be on the 13/14/15 September 2013. I hope this change is acceptable to all our regular entrants.
In future years the Rockingham Classic meeting will go ahead on it's usual date of the first weekend in September unless it clashes with the Goodwood Revival.
I will start a new thread for next years event in the new year.
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