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Rockingham Slot Car Club invites entries to 8th edition of the annual 1/32nd Scale CSCRA ‘Winter Classic’ Race meeting.

The meeting is in the spirit of modern historic meetings such as the Goodwood Revival, the Coy’s Festival and the Monterey Historic meetings.
Cars from similar periods and of similar types will be grouped together to make up the races. There will be awards for the Class Winners within each Event, the Concours winner in each event and the Overall Champion of the meeting.

All of the events are for 1/32nd scale ‘hard body’ cars built to the Classic Slot Car Racing Association – CSCRA – Car Standards.

Event 1 – Pre War Cars.
Open to any car that raced anywhere prior to 1940.
1. CSCRA Sports Car classes SP1a, SP1b, and SP2 and Saloon Car class SL1.
2. CSCRA Brooklands Cars.
3. CSCRA Grand Prix classes GP1a, GP1b, GP2a & GP2b.

Event 2 – Sports Cars.
Open to any Sports or GT car that raced anywhere between January 1st 1963 and January 31st 1975.
1. CSCRA Sports Car class SP4 – 1963 to 1967 Open Sports, Le Mans & GT cars.
2. CSCRA Sports Car class SP5 – 1968 to 1975 Le Mans cars.
3. CSCRA Sports Car class SP6 – 1968 to 1974 Can-Am cars.
(1966/7 Can-Am cars can race in either SP4 or SP6 classes depending on the choice of the entrant and to which standards they have been built.)

Event 3 – 3 litre Formula 1 Cars.
Open to any car that raced in any event for Formula 1 Cars from January 1st 1966 to January 31st 1982.
1. CSCRA Grand Prix class GP5 – 1966 to 1970 3 litre Formula 1 Cars.
2. CSCRA Grand Prix class GP6 – 1971 to 1977 3 litre Formula 1 Cars.
3. CSCRA Grand Prix class GP7 – 1978 to 1982 Ground effect Formula 1 cars.
(Note: The Lotus 78 will compete in this class)

All cars in all classes must comply with the CSCRA Car Standards for the class entered.
Ready to Run based cars may be entered but MUST comply with the following CSCRA Car Standards for the class entered;
Tyre maximum/minimum width and minimum diameter
Maximum width
Motor orientation
Ground clearance
We will be reasonably tolerant about scale wheelbase measurements for RTR cars.
(MG Vanquish cars will not be permitted as they are too much over scale)

Event Format

Concours d’elegance

There will be a Concours competition for each of the three Events with an award for the winner of each. There will be no separate awards for each class within each event.

The decision as to which class within each Event you wish to enter must be made before the Concours competition begins. You can enter one car only into the Concours competition for each Event and you must race your Concours entry.

At the conclusion of the Concours competition all cars will go into parc ferme and may only be removed when required for racing.

All races will run to a Segmented Format.
3minutes on each lane – total distance covered in the 12 minutes to decide the winner.
Win from any heat.
Drivers may only race 1 car in each Event.
Should any driver suffer a total car failure Race Control shall have the discretion to allow a replacement car to be used. This is discretionary and the replacement car must be of the same class and must not be used by any other competitor.

Within each Event we will group cars from the same class together as best we can to make up the heats. Ie: Brooklands cars race with Brooklands cars, Pre war GP cars race with pre war GP cars etc.

Please indicate on this thread if you wish to have an entry.
The decision on which classes you wish to enter within each event need not be made until signing on and technical inspection on race morning.

Entry fee £5 per Event.
Payment on the day.

Details of the club location and how to find us can be found on the
Rockingham Slot Car Club website.
Details of the Classic Slot Car Racing Association Car Standards can be found on the CSCRA website.
Click on the links below to go to either.

M ick.

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Important addition to the above post!

We have decided to invite proxy entries to the 2022 Event.

As we always run the ‘Winter Classic’ to a segmented format we can run any the proxy entries before the day of the event and the scores can be included on the day of the race.

All proxy entries will be entered into the Concours competition on race day.

If you would like a proxy entry please send a PM to

on SlotForum

loudbloke is David Farrow and he will be organising the proxy entries and will explain how to get the cars to us and answer any questions you may have.

M ick.

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Hi Mi ck, entry for all classes please. We must finally be able to enjoy our hobby in 2022?

Phil Smith
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Entry for everything please.
As noted by Andi above I would probably do better to enter the proxy, so can id do this and still turn up for the event!:rolleyes:

Hotel booked at the usual place
Premier Inn
1 Little Colliers Field, Corby, Northants, NN18 8TJ

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Entry list update

1 M ick Kerr
2 Rob Kerr
3 David Farrow
4 Mark Webster
5 Peter Emery
6 Matt Tucker
7 Andi Rowland
8 Nick Wade
9 Jeff Norton
10 Phil Allen
11 Eddie Grice
12 Phil Smith
13 Nick Taylor
14 Dave Collins

M ick.
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