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Rockingham July 27-28: GT3 and WEC Digital Racing

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Rockingham July 27-28: GT3 and WEC Digital Racing

For the 3rd time Rockingham ( will host a double header of DiSCA GT3 and WEC events on Rockbull Ring ninco track at the National Slot Car Centre on the weekend of 27th and 28th July 2019.

The club is located at:

Unit 1, Wansell Road, Corby NN17 5LX

The event will feature a double feature with GT3 racing on the Saturday and the Rockbull Ring 6hrs WEC endurance on Sunday.

We welcome all comers to the event, whether you partake in either or both days. Rockingham can provide technical assistance and has several controllers available, should new teams require them.

With free practice staring on Friday afternoon there will be plenty of time for teams to check out the track and set-up

Rockbull Ring 90 min GT3 Sprint Races, Saturday 27 July
As in 2018 the DiSCA GT3 cars with teams of either two or three drivers, will kick off the event on Saturday from 08:00 till 15:00hrs.

There will be one 60 min. Timed Practice session and two 90 min. races which include one mandatory pitstop of 1 minute duration.

Full Disca GT3 rules will apply for the Rockbull Ring GT3 race. No handout parts (although some will be available to purchase if required). You must ensure the 1.8mm motor ride height is achieved at tech inspection before both races.

Rockbull Ring 6hrs WEC, Sunday 28 July

With the Rockbull Ring 6rs run under the same DiSCA WEC Sports Cars rules as used for the Oxigen LM 24hrs, and with its long straights flowing techincal areas the track has significant similarities to the Henley track. As the track is only set-up for these events there is no real local track advantage making it a very open competition.

WEC 6hrs hand out materials
Teams will be hand out 1 motor at random (Flat-6 or MX-16) These motors have been tested, matched and run in by Should in the unlikely occasion a motor be defective, teams will receive a new one from the organisation.

Teams will be hand out 2 pairs of N18 and 1 pair of F22 at random. Both compounds must be used during the main race. Hand outs will be available on Saturday after registering at the race control.

During free practice teams are free to run their own motors and tyres (of the same type and or compound), we advise teams to mount their handouts before the end of free practice. This way you'll be able to hit the ground running on Sunday morning. If you use this option you will have to place the parts in the Parc Ferme overnight (along with the whole car, chassis, pod with motor rear axle and wheels)

Rockbull Ring Double Digital Time Table

Friday 26 July 2019
14:00 - 22:00 Free Practice WEC & GT3, firmware check

Saturday 27 July 2019: DiSCA GT3 / WEC 6hrs Free Practice
DiSCA GT3 Sprint races
08:00 Doors open, firmware check
09:00 Driver's briefing.
09:15 Registration Controller & ID check.
09:30 Timed Practice (60 mins)
10:35 Tech inspection and Rostrum position choice based on best time from timed practice.
10.55 Line up Grid Race 1
11.00 Start Race 1 (90 mins)
12.30 Intermission
13:00 Tech inspection Race 2
13:25 Line up Grid Race 2
13.30 Start Race 2 (90 mins)

WEC 6hrs Practice
15:00 - 19:00 Free practice/ Registration/ Hand out materials, controller/chip check & pairing
(note: handout parts must be back in the Parc Fermé by 19:15)
19:15 Close Club
19:30 - 22:00 Diner & Award ceremony GT3

Sunday 28 July 2019, WEC 6 hrs Endurance
08:00 - 09:00 Free Practice for teams that did not participate in Saturday's WEC Practice session
Hand out race motor & tyres, controller/chip check & pairing
Release cars/parts from Parc ferme. of teams that attended Saturday's WEC Practice session
09:05 - 09:15 Race briefing
09:20 - 11:00 Timed Qualification & Technical Inspection
11:05 - 11:20 Concourse & Team photo's, Driver Rostrum selection based on qualification result.
11:20 - 11:25 Grid formation
11:30 - 17:30 WEC Rockbull Ring 6 hrs Endurance
17:45 - 18:00 Award ceremony .

Entries & Registration:
The registration for the 2019 event are open now. Teams that want to enter this event need to apply via the online entry forms:

Saturday 27th July GT3 Race:

Sunday 28th July 6hr WEC race:

The first 16 teams that fully pay their entry will secure their place for both or either the Saturday GT3 and the Sunday 6hrs WEC race. Past participation does not guarantee a place.

Entry fees will be £70 per team the WEC race and £20 per team for the GT3 race.

Final instructions, including the final entry list, firmware for chip and controller, and any travel considerations will be issued to team captains in early July.

I will be more than happy to answer any queries here on the forum or via PM.

You can also follow the developments for the Rockingham Double Digital event via the Rockingham Slot Car Club facebook page




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Why is Sean in every picture?
Rich, you have to use what the model agency sends you mate. In this instance, Sean was modelling the new Croc's range "superlight - it feels like your not even wearing Crocs"
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As I explained, we had budgeted for two super models to come along and deliver prizes.

Unfortunately the latest round of criticism in the Tour de France prevented us from doing so, and you had me instead

I'm sure you all agree that it was a much better choice

(... and, before someone takes this seriously, yes I'm joking.)
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As I explained, we had budgeted for two super models to come along and deliver prizes.

Unfortunately the latest round of criticism in the Tour de France prevented us from doing so, and you had me instead

I'm sure you all agree that it was a much better choice

(... and, before someone takes this seriously, yes I'm joking.)
Maurizio was wearing some very nice fish net stockings to compensate for the lack of super models. Certainly caught Tom's eye judging from the photos or was that look a result of withdrawal symptoms from a lack of waffles and chocolate.

Verified results from the two rounds of GT3, saw a double win for Lowlands Racing of Steven and Tom, with very close battles for the other podium positions especially race two, where second and third were only decided in the last 5 seconds when I caught and overtook Jon White.

Till next time Font Technology Electronic device Display device Screenshot
Font Number Paper Document Screenshot
Smile Shorts Watch Muscle Motor vehicle
Wheel Car Green Motor vehicle Vehicle
Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Hood


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Is Maurizio wearing a T-Shirt with a Kiwi on it?
yes, he was Gio.
Looking for your views on our planned November digital race weekend. Let us know if any of you whom are likely to enter have any preferences:

Race format
1) Sunday 4/6hr race only
2) Saturday and Sunday single endurance event like NStaffs October event
3) Saturday and Sunday separate races

Classes (DiSCA spec but rubber tyres)
1) WEC
2) GT3
3) Group C
Is Maurizio wearing a T-Shirt with a Kiwi on it?
I believe it were McLaren merchandise
Matt, first preference would be a Sunday only race with a potential Saturday practice, but having a Saturday racing could also work. I would not advocate a 3 day weekend though as some of us will have only just returned form Barcelona.

I don't recommend two day aggregate race formats because they become problematic for people who only have availability one day.

Multiple races always give you a second, third, fourth chance if you have a problem or a bad run and more winners is always a good thing. Just my opinions.
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Correct, it's a kiwi and it's a McLaren shirt with lots of rivets
With reference to the lap counting issues that was experienced in Rockingham, we have investigated it in depth.

This is what we've found, and our recommendations

You may remember that before the race started, I checked the magnets under the tracks and found them to be weaker (quite smaller) from what we specify for the oXigen system.

We specify these magnets ( code CN11) because they are needed for proper system operation. Using smaller or less powerful magnets may lead to laps not being counted properly. Can you use different magnets than the ones we specify? Sure, but they must at least be as strong and properly sized and placed.

Rockingham was especially tricky for two main reasons

1 - weak detection magnets

2 - high speed at the end of the straight

The combination of these two factors led to lap counting issue.

We were able to reproduce the same situation in our lab, but only using weak magnets and high speed. Without being technical, there is no firmware issue in type B and C cars; the magnet reading needs a 10% stronger signal compared to the old B units. Even with the magnets used in Rockingham, if the finish line was placed in a slower section, the level of the magnetic field would have remained high for a long enough time to trigger the readout. As it was, the cars were going very fast through a weaker magnetic field, therefore the sensor was 'ON' for a very short time - too short in fact to be picked up.

So to cut a long story short, please make sure you use proper magnets. Either our CN11 or rectangular magnets with at least the same size (l*w*h) as CN11.
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Thanks Maurizio, will change our magnets.

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Rockingham (finish line lap detection) was especially tricky for two main reasons
1 - weak detection magnets
2 - high speed at the end of the straight
The combination of these two factors led to lap counting issue.
If I may add my 2cts:
Besides the two main reasons that Maurizio mentioned, both of whom apply to the strength and placement of the magnets under the track....
There was i.m.o. a 3rd factor which influenced the number off missed laps in some of the cars..and that was the position of the Hall sensor in the car
From my personal observation I noticed that the cars most affected by the weak detection magnets were also those who had a relative high ground clearance and/or a relative thick chassis.
(as in cars with a NSR chassis/motorpod and/or 3DP chassis )

So in addition to the standing guidelines for Hall sensor placement on chassis:

1. Mount on chassis with beveled side facing down

2. Mount on chassis with min 20mm distance to centerline chassis

I would suggest to add:

3. Mount on chassis with max 1,5 mm groundclerance.

Now before you all start hollering " But we didn't run that much ground clearance "...picture this:
Even when you run your car/chassis at 0,8 mm GC, the hall sensor is placed on top of your chassis.

So add the thickness of your chassis (like 0,75mm for most 3DP chassis and 1mm for NSR chassis) and your already at or above 1,5 mm.
Add to that the height of the bit of shrink-wrap, blue tack or hot glue you used to mount the hall sensor and you can easily get your sensor at 2 mm above the track.

A hall sensor is a simple device which sends a pulse to the O2 chip when triggered by a magnetic field. (produced by the track magnets)
The strength of a magnetic field diminishes exponentionally (as in twice the distance is not equal to half the strength) meaning that a few tenths of a mm can make all the difference between counting a lap or not.

So if you run a 3DP/NSR chassis my advice would be to cut or mill a recess in your chassis to place the Hall sensor lower.
DiSCA Tech Rules allow for such a modification.

With kind regards
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While it makes sense to give a thought to optimising your sensor placement I am confident that this was not part of the issue during this weekend. Almost everyone at Rockingham was experienced, or at least driving a car that was built by somebody experienced.

Our GT3 missed laps. I'm quite sure I know how to build a car and quite confident it counts correctly over our own finish line. Lowlands had lap problems at Rockingham. They're pretty good at car building. On the other hand, Posillipo Slot Club (and others) ran C-chips at Le Mans, and had zero problems counting laps. That's because our finish line is set up correctly.

I don't think the engineers would release a product to market that is so life-or-death on fractions of millimetres. They understand the conditions under which people will install chips (and sensors) and the variety of chassis that they will need to be installed into. Common sense is needed. Precision is not.
What can I add to that..other then better safe than sorry ;)
Specifying a magnet is all well and good, but would it make life a little easier if the strength of the field at a calibrated height be specified instead?
I agree with all above, given that Maurizio has suggested we use the CN11, as the optimum magnet to use, wouldn't this be tested by the engineers on a STD slot it car, and be deemed as capable of its task. The Slot it could confirm the strength of this magnet, I presume it is an N52 neodymium grade magnet.
As a note I see in the catalogue the magnet part number is cn01, or is there a new magnet CN11?
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