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Rockingham Open Frame and Steering Grand Prix

Rockingham Slot Car Club invite entries to our annual ‘Open Frame & Steering GP’ which will once again take place on the Saturday afternoon of the ‘September Classic’ meeting.
Rockingham 'September Classic' - 5th Sept 2021

Open Frame and Steering Grand Prix Cars


This is intended as a ‘Retro’ class based on the type of cars that were commonly raced at many slot car clubs in the mid 1960s.
It is therefore expected that the majority of parts used in the construction of the cars will be pre 1971 period parts.
Period ready to run cars, motors, gears, steering units and guides are all reasonably easy to obtain.
Newly made parts scratch built from brass, wire, aluminium, etc are acceptable but should be ‘in the style of the period’.

Racing Classes
Class 1. Pre 1950 GP, Voiturette and Indy Cars. (CSCRA GP1a, GP1b, GP2a & GP2b)
Class 2. 1950-1960 GP and Indy Cars. (CSCRA GP3 Standards)
Class 3. 1961-1965 Formula 1 Cars. (CSCRA GP4 Standards)
Class 4. 1966-1970 Formula 1 Cars. (CSCRA GP5 Standards)

These classes are chosen as they were the common GP classes raced in the period and ready to run cars were available for each of them.

General Dimensions
Wheels, tyres, ground clearance, maximum width, etc should conform to the CSCRA car standards for the car being modelled and the class into which it is entered.
Any open frame & steering car actually built in the 1960s will be permitted to race ‘as built’ even if it does not quite comply with CSCRA car standards (but don’t take the mickey).

Eligible Cars and Bodies

Open to any 1/32nd scale model of a pre-1971 GP Car in the four classes above.
Body shells must be made from hard plastic, fibre glass, resin or wood.
Vac formed bodies are not permitted.

All cars must be powered by an ‘open frame motor’ mounted ‘inline’.
(Open frame motors are defined as – motors having their magnets at one or both ends of the armature shaft with iron or steel ‘pole pieces’ either side of the armature. Motors with magnets on both sides of the armature are not allowed).
(Inline is defined as - having the motor armature shaft at right angles to the axles and driving through a crown wheel and pinion).
Motors may have their original magnets replaced but the replacement must remain in exactly the same position as the original.
Additional magnets may not be fitted to any motor but ‘double pole pieces’ made from iron or steel are permitted.

All cars must be fitted with a working steering unit to which the front wheels are mounted. The steering unit can be a commercial ready-made item – Airfix, MRRC, etc - or scratch built.
The steering does not have to be directly connected to the guide but must work.

Slot Guides
It is preferred that these are covered by the body, but this rule will not be enforced too rigidly, particularly with regard to pre 1950 cars which tend to have very short noses and to cars actually made in the ‘60s or earlier.

1960s original rubber tyres or urethane replicas (Ortmann etc) must be used and should comply with the CSCRA minimum diameters and maximum/minimum widths for each class.
Modern super sticky tyres like NSR, Slot.It, etc will not be permitted.
Tyres made from or containing silicon will not be permitted on any car.
Sponge/Foam tyres and ‘goop’ are not permitted.

Event Format

There will be a Concours competition into which entrants may enter one car only which can be from any of the classes. The car entered into the concours competition must be run in at least one race.

All entrants will get 4 x 3minute heats, 1 on each lane, with the best two runs counting towards their qualifying position for the step up finals. (2 results from 4 heats if you enter just 1 class or 2 results from 2 heats if you enter 2 classes).
Entrants who enter 2 classes will have a free choice as to which car they run on which lane.
There will be separate 20 lap step up finals for each of the classes.

Entry fee for this event will be £5 per class.

Trophies will be presented to the Concours winner and to the race winners in each of the 4 classes.

The club will open for practice for this and Sunday’s ‘September Classic’ at 10am.
Concours and Racing for the ‘Open Frame & Steering GP’ will commence at 2pm latest.


Click on the links below to go to the Rockingham or CSCRA websites.

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Hi M ick,

Full entry please - looking forward to it.....also just to let you know that Hawthorne Park will have some open frame/Policar/Big Birds racing over the weekend of 30th/31st October 2021.



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Entry List

1 M ick Kerr
2 Rob Kerr
3 Mark Webster
4 Phil Smith
5 John Jenner
6 Pete Crane
7 Eddie Grice
8 Sandy Parker
9 Ralph Parker
10 Graham Edwards
11 M ick Langridge

Anyone else wanting to join in just turn up on the day.
M ick.

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A fantastic weekend of was great to be back at Rockingham!
Many thanks to ****, Rob for organising the open frame and steering racing.
Stay safe and see you all again in January.


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Yes very much enjoyed the steering event Saturday, after such a long break away from slots. Thanks for organising such a smooth running day.

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Saturday 4th September ‘Open Frame & Steering’ event.

Firstly a big thank you to all who came to this event.
I hope you all had an enjoyable day.
A special thank you to Rob for helping to ensure everything ran smoothly.

On to the results.

Due mainly to the continuing Covid situation only a small, but keen, entry of 9 this year.

Four classes to choose from;
Class 1. Pre 1950 GP & Indy cars.
Class 2. 1950-1960 GP & 1950-1963 Indy cars.
Class 3. 1961-1965 GP cars.
Class 4. 1966-1970 GP cars.

Due to the small entry everyone was allowed to enter all classes.

First up was the Concours competition.

Everyone was invited to enter one car, which could be from any of the classes.
All entrants were asked to select their favourite 3 cars.

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On then to the racing.
Everyone got 4 heats of 3 minutes in each class.
The best two from four to count.

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With time running on, and people keen to get to their hotel for an evening meal, it was decided to declare the results at the end of the heats.

We will run this event again next year as usual on the Saturday of the September Classic meeting.
M ick.
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