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Ron Howards RUSH F1 Film

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Not to criticise our paddock builds, but the one built for the new movie production look a bit better than ours!!

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I can't wait to see this film - it looks incredible. If anyone is a Twitter user then I can heartily recommend following the director @RealRonHoward as he often posts great behind the scenes photos and titbits during filming.
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There is an article in this months Motorsport magazine (or is it in Octane?) About one of the firms who made the replicas. They started off with a brief to make the BRM for drive-by shots, then had to add interchangeable bodywork for the March and Ligier along with engineering it for full on standing starts. They were given 3 months!

PS: The Ligier bodywork was a compromise because the BRM wheelbase was a lot shorter, so the giant airbox looked ridiculous. They had to reduce it to make it look more in proportion with the rest of the car. I got the impression that the guys who built it were disappointed with the compromise.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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