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Thanks to Mike for doing the last two reports as having moved home and had to wait for a internet fault to be sorted, but now back with you all.

Last night was race 5 and we all had our saloon cars out for some good racing.

With 16 drivers attending and cars varying from Calibra's to Pogo's with a couple of Audi's and Honda's thrown in for good measure, Also had a MG6 during the practice time which never made the start line.

The heats got underway and as expected we had some very close racing and as we stated back at the beginning of the year now going in a clockwise direction we seem to be having fewer de-slots and less accidents every one is still learning the new braking points etc., but lap times are now falling slowly.

It was unfortunate that Iain M left us early due to illness. Hope your feeling better Iain and will be with us next week.

After the heats had finished we got ready for the evening finals as follows.

Final E

On the grid we had 3 drivers, Keith, Gordon, and Tone.

A good start at the second attempt and all raced away with Gordon taking the lead and putting a larger gap between himself and the other drivers lap on lap. Keith had his best race of the night after having 3 cars break on him during the heats and Tone having one of his worst nights for many months.

After the 25 laps the result was:-

1. Gordon

2. Keith

3. Tone

Final D

Gordon took his place on the start line along side Viv, Ray, and Alf.

The lights went out and the grid raced away and for a couple of laps stayed close, but soon began to spread out as each driver tackled their own issues.

After the 25 laps of places being swapped between all drivers the result was:-

1. Alf

2. Gordon


4. Viv

Final C

Alf took his promotion place on the grid along side Lyle and James H ( who are usually A final contestants)and Ian R.

The lights went out and again all cars raced away very close to each other before each driver settled down to their own pace to complete the final.

It was very close between James H and Lyle all the way through and both kept swapping the fastest lap times which came form this final

So after 25 laps the results was :-

1. James H

2. Lyle

3. Ian R

4. Alf

Final B

James H took his place along side Mike, Richard T, and Steve.

After the lights went out all four cars stayed within a cars length of each other for the first 3 laps, before gaps started to extend, again swapping race positions was the name of the game with a few Harvey kisses and even some Steve swipes on the bends couldn't stop James H finally finding his form for the evening.

The end of the race came to early for a couple of drivers but after the 25 laps the result was :-

1. James H

2. Mike.

3. Steve

4. Richard T

Final A

After a double win James H took his place on the grid alongside the Titans of saloons Ken, Alan and Andy.

The lights went out and a very quick get away for all cars saw them stay close for the first 4 laps and along with a few maneuver's that didn't come off the gaps started to appear.

Alan tried so hard to keep pace with the others, but just couldn't stay with them and started to drop back, Andy took the lead and raced hard to stay there with James H and Ken trying hard to keep with Andy .

After the 25 laps the final result of the night was as follows :-

1. Andy

2. James H

3. Ken

4. Alan

The final results for championship points are :-

Andy 25

James H 23

Ken 21

Alan 20

Mike 19

Steve 18

Richard T 17

Lyle 16 + 1pt for fastest lap of the night 6.408 sec

Ian R 15

Alf 14

Gordon 13

Ray 12

Viv 11

Keith 10

Tone 9

Iain M 8

Another great nights racing came to an end here at Presto.

Averill Hope you feel better soon to and hope to see you next week

Next week we have our first clock wise race for the American Muscle/ Nascar class.

Looking forward to seeing you all there

Have a great week

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Thanks Keith. A good turn out of 16 drivers for this popular class and as Keith said some great races. Well done to Andy for taking the A final win. My car was fast but i lost lots of time in the swerves with the rear of the car having a mind of it's own, thus my lap times were not what they could have been.

Looking forward to American Muscle next week and have just got some more superglue especially for Lyle as he never has any. Lol.

Have a good week and see most of you Tuesday for the Classic team Lotus visit. Don't forget 5.45pm in the CTL car park, TOUR STARTS AT 6PM !!

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Hi Guys
Good nights racing even though I had a couple of DNFs. The quick repair to the Honda chassis failed to stay together and a cracked pinion also so some fun wa had.
Hope you feel better for next week Iain.
Sorry I can't make the trip to classic team lotus but please give my old car a kiss from me.

Lil' Fella
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Hi all,

Another great evening had by all, me included, despite the poor performance, not by my cars, but me!! Had to try the newer additions to this class, but went back to the Opel Calibra ProMarkt #17 in the end.

My Muscle cars are ready to run, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, with Pontiac Trans-Am as the back-up muscle.

See you on the grid, ya'al, Tone

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I have no idea where to start on last night, having broken the guide post in my spare car, I thought that was the bad luck over for the night. Only to find the same happen to my main car after the second and third heats.
Having borrowed a car off Alan for the final heat, another post failure followed!!! :mad: :mad:

Finally managed to have a decent race in the c final and pipped James previous fastest lap, with a well prepped car courtesy of Andy - many thanks!
Time to get the wallet out for a couple of chassis
Hopefully next week will be problem free, touch wood!

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Hi guys like lyle said where do i start 😂 opel was running pretty well but i have found they are pretty hard to set up to get them to be fast, with no spare car properly prepped due to not much time this week i had to borrow one off andy for the final and wow what a differance ! Thanks mate ! Hoping i can get my peugeot to run as well as that managing a 6.4 in a close battled c final with lyle ! Still annoyed u went slightly faster by a few milli seconds 😉😂 see you all next week for american muscle hopefully like lyle said my bad luck is over now for this season and now i can push on !

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Hi Everyone
Well it seemed not to be the night for the Calibras and mine was no exception. Having run well last season I should have know better and left well alone. A change to a lightweight interior has upset the balance and karma so it'll be back to the drawing board to see if I can get it competitive once again. In the meantime I've now got the Rover SD1 built and running so will see how this goes. To fall back on is my Clio which is just to nice to race hard as I don't want to break this one! I know the Rover won't be bringing any trophies home but sometimes that just isn't the point. If it runs - it races and it's the taking part that counts!
Well done Andy for your win. Your Peugeot ran beautifully and looked the part as well.
Looking forward to American Muscle so see you all Wednesday.

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I used to drive the SD1's but it regularly ran out of brakes, so we used to hit roundabouts, especially on a pursuit. Lol

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Sorry I had to retire 'hurt' the other night but I had a splitting headache and just wanted to get home and off to bed and was fine again in the morning. I don't think with the way I was racing in the heats that I was going to upset the final race order in any way shape or form but it would have nice to have been in a position to try. Andy shows again how good he is not only as a driver but also in setting up his cars. Many of us have an A car and a B car in the box and hope and pray that we never have to field the B car because it is usually not nearly as good as the A car. Looking at Andy's cars they all seem to be A cars so congratulations on a great win. Also well done Lyle for your fastest lap in a borrowed car great effort. Mike also seems to have shaken off his car problems of earlier rounds so well done and hope it continues for you.

American Muscle next Wednesday let's see if I can rise from the bottom at least a place or two. I think that Tone will be bringing something unique to the club for GT3 a personally sponsored Porsche 997 watch this space and all will be revealed.

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