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Good Evening all slot racers,

I am posting early as I am out all day tomorrow so here goes.

With twelve Racers attending on this very cold evening we hoped for some good racing with this being our fastest class.

The heats got under way with some lanes being left empty as two driver who where expected to arrive

didn't so with the race program all ready in progress the decision was taken to continue.

The heats went off with no major problems and we had Alf on race control.

With no major problems except for the dreaded de-slots although last years club champion seems to be struggling this year.

We all know that our track varies very much depending on weather conditions most drivers seem to be able to cope with this and many drivers were able to complete some very fast laps and the lap times reduced as the club room warmed up.

It was nice to see a varyiation of cars on the track, but was still prodomitley NSR Moslers we had a Porsche, GP5 Mustang, and the Lambo's.

So to the Finals.

Final D we have Iain take on Tone and Ray. Ray bought out his GP5 Mustang although better for him and see his lap times for the night come down after a good clean race it was Tone who took the win from Iain in second with Ray bringing up the rear.

Final C with Tone promotion to yellow lane to take on Alf, Keith and Skippy.

For the first ten laps this final was close and place swapping the de-slots took over and then every one settled down again which left Skippy to take the win with Keith chasing hard in second, Alf third and Tone coming in fourth.

Final B was thought to be the race of the night, but how did it turn out,

We have Richard T taking on James H, Skippy and Alan H and after the lights went out it was expected that James H would race away, but tonight he didn't seem to get a grip of his car with Richard T taking the lead. Skippy and Alan had a battle themselves for the lower places.

After 25 laps we had Richard T take a well deserved win with James H second, Alan H third, and Skippy 4th.

Final A The line up was Mike in Red, Lyle in Blue, Richard T in dreaded Yellow and Steve in Green.

After four attempts to get this final started after various drivers de-slotted or jumped out of the

groove with to much power we got away with Mike racing away from Lyle with Richard third and Steve

fourth, and for the full 25 laps this how it stayed.

The final results are as follows:-

Mike 25+1pt for fastest lap 6.030 secs

Lyle 23

Richard T 21

Steve 20

James H 19

Alan H 18

Skippy 17

Keith 16

Alf 15

Tone 14

Iain 13

Ray 12

See you all next week for Saloons.

Take care with the wintery weather and stay safe.

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Hi All,

Thanks to Keith for a good early report and racing on the track tonight, you are doing very well!!!! Sorry my times were not consistent but did manage a win with a Ferrari, Lambos did not perform so it's back to the drawing board on that matter!!!!

Looking forward to the practice night Monday to re set up the cars for the remainder of the season as well as the saloon class on Wednesday.

Alfa or Calibra??? we'll have to wait and see.

Take care on them icy roads.


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Thanks Keith, some close finishes again this evening. Lyle pushed me right to the end so well done to him for a creditable second place
and Richard too for the third place.
Steve has showed that he can be very quick but as Richard would tell you it's all about staying in that slot - which he does admirably. I'm sure when Steve gets this right he will be winning the top finals each week.

I'll see several of you on Monday for the practise night.

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Hi Guys

Congrats to Mike and Lyle for 1st and 2nd place and very pleased to have taken 3rd place. The Mosler is getting tired so a strip and rebuild is on list of jobs to do!
Some really close racing again tonight which makes the heats as exciting or do I mean stressful as the finals. I think this is going to be much closer than last based on the level of driving so far this year. I can't believe we are now into February- roll on Presentation Night!
Thanks to Alf for his race control duties and Alan for cake - happy birthday. Great race report from Keith once again summing up yet another great nights slot car racing form Presto.
See you all next week for saloons which reminds me that a dust down and check over is due on the Calibra.
Thanks all.


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Well done all, everyone was trying hard and lap times weren't massively far apart.

I couldn't quite match Mike for speed and consistency in the final, front end isn't composed enough on my mosler! Not sure what happened to the black arrow cars in the A final though.....

Hope you had a great evening Alan and happy birthday!

See you tomorrow night for saloons
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