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Round 2 American Muscle

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Good evening All

Another week has passed and here we are back at Presto Park for round two of the club American muscle class.

This used to be the slowest class of the championship, but tonight showed that it was possible to get reasonable lap times.

We welcomed new member Ian to the club and wish you many years of slot car fun. Ian used to be a member way back in the sixties and seventies and has joined us to rekindle his interest in the sport.

We also wish Alan H well and hope your arm and shoulder heals quickly and we are all looking forward to your return to Presto.

One thing I missed out last week was Happy Birthday to Richard T and this week To James H on his 21st birthday. we all wish you both all the best for the next year.

So now tonight's racing here at Presto.

With 12 drivers attending we could see it was going to give us some close racing and we were not disappointed as there was some interesting maneuvers which kept everything and everyone watching closely.

We also see Mike and Lyle both struggling with car that would not handle or breaking. We would like to say a big well done to James E who managed some impressive results during the heats and as our youngest member is starting to progress very quickly and we are all looking forward to seeing James E progress like James H has done over his many years at the club.

So to the finals,

As stated earlier with a few drivers out of place we again expected to have some close racing through out the finals and also it was decided that for a change we would have rolling starts throughout the finals, which all the drivers enjoyed and for many its was the first time they had done this and we all look forward to doing rolling starts again very soon.

Final C we had Ray in Red, Iain in Blue, Keith in Yellow and The Boss Mike in Green. So all the drivers left the starting area travelling as a group and as they came round to the start line it was full throttle and into turn 1. We saw Mike take the lead and race away from the pack with Iain chasing hard, Keith was in third and Ray in fourth.

The drivers showed great skill and some excellent driving the first three managed to stay on the same lap with only Ray being caught several times.

So after 25 laps it was Mike who took the win to be followed home by Iain, Keith and Ray.

Final B Mike took his place in Yellow lane along side Lyle in Red, Skippy in Blue, and James H in Green. Again it was a rolling start and the four cars stayed side by side and as they came into the pit straight the triggers where pulled tight as they all raced into turn 1 and the lead changed several times on the first lap. So then everyone settled down as James H went into the lead and Skippy finding good speed and handling to chase hard throughout the heat, Lyle had to rebuild his car during the break and wasn't able to capitalize on the rebuilt car.

After 25 laps we has James H take the win with Skippy chasing hard to finishing second, Mike managed to come home 3rd and Lyle was the last man home.

Final A James H took his place in Yellow lane and with Richard T in Red, Steve in Blue, Tone took his place in Green. Again a rolling start got underway with all for cars crossing the start line with in 20mm of each other and they raced down to turn 1 with Richard T leading closely followed by James H, Steve had a few problems trying to catch the leaders with Tone showing his car can be quick if needed.

The places swapped a few times again until everyone settled down for some fast laps being recorded and after 25 laps it was James H who took the win with Richard T second and lost the fastest lap by 3 hundredths of a second with Tone coming in third and Steve brining up the rear but managing to go fastest enough for the fastest lap of the night.

The results

James H 25

Richard T 23

Tone 21

Steve 20 + 1pt for fastest lap (7.247 secs)

Skippy 19

Mike 18

Lyle 17

Iain 16

Keith 15

Ray 14

Richard E 13

James E 12

Next week we have the final round 2 event and its Formula 1

Looking forward to seeing you all there and hope we have a great evenings racing as we always have here at Presto.

Take care all and have a good week
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Varoom!! Varoom!!!,- means Hi Ya'll.

Good racing last night with the low, mean, flying machine Dodge Charger R/T taking to the track once more.

Done well in the heats to get to the "A" finals coming in 3rd to the fast boys, namely James and Richard. Must have had my handbrake still on during the rolling start.

Looking forward to the Formula One next week. Maybe Nigel Mansell's or Seb Vettell's car depending on the period of race, 1980's or 2018,

We'll see.

Firstly well done to everyone who whooped me last night. I believe last night was the worst race night i can ever remember for me at Presto. One Camaro chassis snapped in half at the usual place adjacent to the motor, ( when is Scalextric going to address this very common fault?) followed by losing a wheel grub screw which turned out to be a dodgy wheel thread.

Well done to Steve for the fastest lap which was just off my lap record.

Looking forward to next weeks Formula 1 when our guest will be Angelo Amato from the Whirrel who makes superb 3d printed chassis's.

Have a great week everyone.
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Thank you Keith for the race report up almost before some of us got home!!! Well done. I have to take issue with your comments re the rolling starts though. I expect I am in a minority of one (nothing new there especially at home) in not being a fan. Off the start line I can often lead you bandits under the bridge and round the first corner. Over the flyover I am slipping back to nearer more familiar territory and by the esses I am watching you all disappear into the sunset. The rolling start means I don't get even 3 or 4 seconds of glory rolling last over the start line back in my familiar spot right from the word go.

Top cakes from Richard last night very much appreciated and belated happy birthday for the 27th. Is it grime on my glasses or does he look younger each year? It was good to welcome new member Ian last night and I expect he will be picking the brains of the club front runners to make an informed short list of the best cars and equipment to get him started back into racing at Presto.

And, yes, despite the rolling start It was a great nights racing.

F1 next week and it will be interesting to see how many cars will be hiding Amato chassis under their skirts. I expect it will be the majority.

See you all next week.
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Iain, Just to let you know we will be running rolling starts next week for Formula 1 as apart from you they were popular, just kidding, but it does spice things up a little.

Just done a check on the points so far this year and Steve is way in front by 22 points, followed by me then Richard closely followed by Lyle. Tone' is currently fifth and the CLUB CHAMPION HERBIE HANCOCK in a very lowely sixth place.
Knowing James this will be addressed during the year and he can't be discounted for another Club Championship, I hope he succeeds but Steve will be trying hard to ensure that don't happen.
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Hi Guys
Sounds like a good night sorry I was not able to be there. Rest assured that I will be there for F1.
I'm like you Iain rolling starts bad news.
Evening all ! Another great night of racing and very close racing in some heats and finals i have to say as well! I know there was one heat i was racing richard and there was hardly 4 inches between the cars as they crossed the line meaning he got 2nd in that race 🤦‍♂ great to have the first win under the belt this year its took some time but now i need to start putting more pressure on the top 5 ! The year is no where near yet over and there is a lot of laps to complete so i will now be chasing hard to work my way back up to hopefully get a second championship this year. Looking forward to f1 next week and meeting Angelo as i will be running 2 of his chassis
See you all then
Hi Guys

Thank you Keith for your race report. Very detailed and captures the nights events down to a T. Welcome to Ian always great to see new members enjoying our sport. Congratulations to James for his win and also to Steve for fastest lap - well done.
Keith was right in his report that this class can produce some very close racing. I have warmed to this class over the last year and now enjoy it as much as the others. Having rebuilt my 69 Camaro on a Amato chassis it proved its self to be a contender on its first outing! Very satisfying!
Happy birthday to James on his 21st what a gent and all round nice guy this boy is. A pleasure to race and loose to as well.
Thanks to every one for a great nights racing - brilliant.

Regards Richard
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