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Good Evening All

Hope you are all home safely as its the end of round 2 of the club championship and results will be published in a new topic shortly.

So tonight we are again with our Formula 1 class.

Before we start this report I would like to point out that driver numbers tonight have been affected by the school Easter break with quite a few members on holiday and several ill or working.

Also we would like to welcome new member Andy Taylor to the club and hope you'll enjoy your time at Presto.

A very special welcome to Angelo Amato from the Wirrel (Yes that is the man who produces the 3D chassis) who travelled down to race with us and see so many of our

members cars using his 3D chassis' in this class. Angelo also showed us how his chassis' have made some cars that were not suited to slot car racing, become good slot

racing cars.

Thank you Angelo for coming to visit us and passing on your wisdom and enjoyed your racing with us. We hope to see you again very soon and wish you a safe journey home.

So finally down to tonight's racing

With most of the drivers having set up their cars, we got off to a great start with some close racing, but Keith was the first casualty of the night with a broken axle mount and

spent some time doing repairs to get back on the track, John M also had a few problems and borrowed Angelo's 6 wheeled March and used it to his advantage.

All the heats started with close racing for the first quarter of the heat then things settled down and the leader broke away and gaps appeared.

The closest heat all the way through was heat 12 with the cars being within 2 cars length of each other right up to lap 12 before the first one dropped off the back and the

remaining three stayed close till lap 17 then the two in front went away.

It was a great race and we hope to see many more once everyone has got used to the power to weight ratio of the flying projectiles and some superb driving to give the new

lap record which during the evening went to Alan H.

Well done Alan much deserved and it was great to see you back with us after your enforced break.

So to the finals:-

Final D line up was Keith in Red, Ray in Blue, John M in Yellow and Iain in Green. The lights went out and the cars raced away for their 25 laps and it was soon obvious that

Keith was in trouble with a foul handling Renault but managed to keep going, Ray managed to gain the lead and drove a brilliant race, John M kept up the pace with

Angelo's car and Iain tried hard to keep up with Ray.

So after 25 laps Ray took the win with Iain in 2nd, John M 3rd and Keith becoming the strongest driver of the night propping up the rest above him.

Final C the line up was Ray in Yellow, Angelo in Green, Tone in Blue and Alf in Red. As the cars left the start we thought this was going to be close, but soon proved that Alf

had found so form and took the lead with Tone chasing but no avail, Ray had some fun dicing with Angelo and the 25 laps passed quickly with the result showing the quality

of the drivers tonight. Alf stormed to the win with Tone chasing into second, Angelo was a credible 3rd and Ray came home in 4th.

Final B with a line up of new member Andy in Red, Lyle in Blue, Alf in Yellow and James H in Green. Again after the lights went out the cars went away and again very

close to each other this went on for quite a few laps before James H was able to break free along with Lyle who battled well until he lost grip and Alf and Andy had a battle

for the lower placings. so after 25 laps we had the result of James H taking the win with Lyle in second, Andy Third and Alf bringing up the rear.

Final A we see Mike in Red, Alan H in Blue, James H in Yellow and Steve in Green. The lights went out and away went the cars very quickly and where very close for over

half distance and we saw some excellent driving from all of these drivers trying so hard to stay in front and after 25 hard fought laps we had Alan H who had been superb all

evening take the win, with Steve in second, James H in third and Mike in fourth.

After an exciting nights racing the results are as follows:-

Alan H 25 + 1Pt for fastest lap and new lap record (6.192 seconds)

Steve 23

James H 21

Mike 20

Lyle 19

Andy 18

Alf 17

Tone 16


Ray 15

Iain 14

John M 13

Keith 12

Next week we start round three and are back with the Standard slot it class for group C cars.

Looking forward to see you all there

Have a great week

Lil' Fella
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Hi everybody,

It was nice to have Angelo from the Wirral visit us yesterday with his "chassis shop" and race with us also.

Because of the 'one off visit' he was soooooo pupular it was difficult to get a word in edgeways.

It was suggested we could drop one of the classes of car ( sports GT/group 5) for a year and substitute "Angelo Mini" class with strict rules a la "Slot-It" class, any thoughts on that??

A couple of members had a test drive of a Mini and was surprised on the handling of the little car!!!

Anyway, the Formula 1 racing was very competitive with many racing their Amato chassis equipped cars, including me." Mansell" did very well against the opposition.

Well done Alan H, James, et all.

See you all next week for the "Slot-it" class, preparing the Mercedes Kouros for the grid, see you there!!


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Thanks Keith, great race report. Very pleased to welcome Andy Taylor to Presto, I hope you enjoy your time with us all. Presto has changed an awefull lot since Andy was a former member of Presto in the 1970's.

Good to finally meet Angelo having bought several of his wonderful chassis's to the meeting. With bringing quite a bit of stock with him Angelo sold a lot of chassis's and took further orders too, so good on him.

I was really looking forward to last nights race but in testing during the afternoon i couldn't get both my cars below 7.3 sec's
but thankfully in the heats I was able to get a sub 7 second lap, about 6.4 I think but I may be wrong on that.

Great to see Alan back after his shoulder injury and to set a new lap record previously held by him was amazing.
I did look at his car in the pit room (sorry Alan) and I could see what he had done, so rest assured next time out mine will be the same. Lol.

I must also mention Steve who drove really well and is now miles ahead of his nearest rival in the total championship points table
BUT as you all know this year it is five from seven highest points in each class.

Ray drove well with one of his cars and took a creditable win, so well done to him too.

Have a good week everyone and see you for Slot it next week. Mike

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Another good nights racing. Nice to meet Angelo and see him race with us. That car of Alans is ridiculously quick. I think Im going to have to shed a bit of weight. Its good round corners but too slow down the straights. Im very happy with 2nd. Its going to be a tough week next week for me as my slot it car isnt the quickest. Ill be happy with a top 5 finish. Have a good weekend folks and see you all next week.

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Hi All
Another great nights racing it was good to have Angelo with us and hope he enjoyed the Presto experience.
I did not have the evening I was expecting just could not get it together in the heats, the final was a bit different but too late then.
Next time!!!

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I also forgot to mention James aka 'Herbie Hancock'. James drove really well to finish in third place, so well done mate.

Here are the overall points to date:-

MIKE 310


LYLE 279


TONE' 233

ALF 204

IAIN 199


RAY 185


JOHN M 134

VIV 94




IAN R, JOHN D, ALAN S all on zero points as no rounds contested so far this year.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of Presto. Mike

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Hi all,

Thank you all for your hospitality.

Special thanks to Iain Mc and Alf for going out of their way to make the 500 odd mile trip worthwhile. Still smiling about the Lotus trip and this will no doubt only be wiped off when I return to work in Monday !!

I've been fortunate enough to race at several clubs and always lucky to meet great people with a warm welcome, something I've come to expect from our great hobby.

Glad to see the F1's going from strength to strength but maybe it's times for the Mini's to invade Norfolk !!

If any of you are 'up my way' let us know

If any of you can get to Gaydon next month it is well worth it. Come over and say hello to us if you do!

Cheers, Angelo

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Thank you for the visit Angelo and we'll hopefully get to see you again soon at some point!

I'm delighted with 5th place given the calibre of the drivers ahead and especially since that's the first ever run of that car with couple of year old tyres taken from the old indy car we used to run.

See you later for slot it!
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