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Round 2 Goodwood

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Evening all.

This being our second fastest class and with twelve drivers attending with the most noticiable absence of James H who chose to go and sit in the cold and watch Norwich City Play Hull city. So more points for us lower drivers.

The heats got underway and it soon showed that the lap times got faster as the evening went on

Its great to say well done to Richard T for some very quick laps and good heat wins along with Tone who finished very well in the heats and his final Well done Tone and Richard.

The heats where very quiet affairs and some good close racing along with some good banter passing between the drivers and marshals.

So to the Finals

Final D only had three drivers, Ray, Iain, and John M. This again was a very close race with Iain taking the lead and holding on the end with Ray and John M battling for a few laps until Ray retired with a broken car leaving John M to take second.

Final C we have Iain line up along side Keith, Skippy and Alf. Again this was a close fought battle for the first 7 laps then the lead swapped between Keith and Skippy, but Keith gave away the lead two laps from the end to Skippy who went on to take the win with Keith second, Alf third and Iain bringing up the rear.

Final C Skippy took his place along side Richard T, Tone, and Alan. again another very fast start and some good close racing right through to three quarters distance when the places settled down to give Tone the win from Richard T in second, Alan in third and Skippy in fourth.

Final A Tone took his place along with Mike, Lyle, and Steve. Another fast start and some very quick laps from all drivers, But it was Mike who went away into the lead and stayed there till the 25 laps were completed to be followed home by Tone form his best result this season with Lyle coming in third and Steve finishing the night in Fourth.

The results for tonight are as follows :-

Mike 25 + 1pt for fastest lap 6.330 secs

Tone 23

Lyle 21

Steve 20

Richard T 19

Alan H 18

Skippy 17

Keith 16

Alf 15

Iain 14

John M 13

Ray 14

Another great nights racing here at Presto Park and well done to all drivers for some great racing.

Thanks to Mike and Averill for supplying a fantastic club and circuit.

Next week its Round 2 of Sports GT and Group 5 cars

Looking forward to some great racing again.
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A quick note

A typing error Rays score for the night should be 12 not 14.

My fault trying to type to fast

Another night staring at the 5 P's but thankfully for me Steve and several others very kindly offered me one of their cars for the night having witnessed my P poor performance in my first heat due to a second week of poor preparation of the tires. I seem to have gone backwards for the start of this year. Final B perhaps produce the race of the night with Richard and Tone separated by a paper napkin for most of the race when unfortunately Richard, in the lead at the time where he had been for most of the final, had a very uncharacteristic 'off' for him which I feel cost him the win and a place in the A final. Well done Tone and commiserations to you Richard for your 'off'. Thanks to Keith for a very prompt race report as usual tonight and look forward to seeing you all next week. No need for a pud before you come next week as I am banging another nail into my coffin and bringing the birthday cakes next week. Perhaps Alf you could remind me via email as you all know that my memory and concentration hardly lasts the 20 laps of a heat let alone the 25 laps of a final so remembering to bring the gateaux next week might be a feat of memory too far!!!!!!!

See you all next week.

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Thanks to everyone for a great nights racing. I struggled to hold off Lyle who was constantly snapping at my heels all night and I was surprised to see Tone had taken second place in the A final so well done to him.

See you all for Sports/GP5 next week.
Hi All,

Good racing last night and thanks to the fast leaders (Mike, Lyle, Richard and Allen) for pacing me to second position in the heats and "A" finals.

Thanks Keith for the report, well done.

The Lola T70 went well and I should have stayed with it instead of trying out the re-chassis-ed Ford P68, must test new cars out, you see, - will know better next time, silly me!!

Sports - GT next week so more preparing to do to get them to go well.

Wave to you all on the Grid!!

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Firstly thanks to all for a great nights driving. My slot it GT40 running 21.5k worked it's magic providing me with 3 heat wins and a 2nd place! A storming result in my book as not as quick as most but kept in the slot. I actually felt elated at this result as the heat results were a real mixed bag which would be reflected in the finals. Then came the calling for lane choice in the respective finals. My efforts in the heats were not rewarded with an A final placing however. Somewhat confused particularly as an A final contender got to the A final with heat results below mine! The fact that the heat results were not showing during the night would be the reason for this I expect and it appeared that the final placings were based on total laps covered throughout the heats. This is not how we run our racing so surely the results for tonight are void and should not count towards the overall total. As I said earlier my car is not the quickest so I would have been happy with a fourth place and if Lady Luck had continued her charm then I might have got higher. What surprises me is that there is no mention of this issue with the recording of results in the race report! It feels as if it has been glossed over which actually anoys me a bit. I'm not to sure why as I race for pleasure and not for glory but I do feel the results should be fair.
I'm sorry this is not the normal tone of my posts but I feel a bit hard done by.
See you all next week. Richard
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Thanks Richard for your comments. It would appear this was an issue with race control which should have been addressed but owing to an incorrect input to the computer in the first instance before heat one this caused a major issue later Therefore, after the incorrect data had been noticed we should have started over again as we had plenty of time to re run them.

I will address this issue on Wednesday so it doesn't happen again.
Hi everyone, There was an issue on Wednesday re the heat placings for the finals. Therefore all of the points and placings shown are provisional at the moment. This will be ammended on Wednesday. Thanks.
Well in that case I will assume that I came first in the A final !!!!!!!!!!
Hi everyone, Keith has sat down and finalised the placings from the heat finishes and times recorded for the respective A,B,C,&D finals on Wednesday. They are as follows:-

MIKE 26 pts








ALF 15 - No you didn't win the A final



RAY 12

As you will see it affected only Tone, Steve and Richard in the end.

Now back to decorating.
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Thanks to Mike and Keith for resolving the issue with the finals placings. Much appreciated.
See you all next week.


Like Richard and some others, we race for fun and it is nice to see on the night that our cars can do very well against the best!!

Coming in second in the "A" final on yellow lane is just "WOW"

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