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Round 2 Race 1 Std. Slot-it

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Good afternoon All,

A very sad night here at Presto park as we learnt that a former member and stalwart of the club Alan Seymour had passed away late last year (26th November 2019).

Alan was a former South African world Slot racing Champion and a great supporter of new members in the club ( see Yahzoo's report on our page)

R.I.P. Alan

A note from me over last weeks report, I do apologies if I got your motors wrong and will make sure I will get it right next time.

Now on to last night racing,

Well its the start of round 2, where is the year going.

Standard slot it was the class for round 1 and with 13 drivers attending we had some very close racing and on many occasions it took many laps in the heats before any one settle down to pacing them selves to complete the twenty laps and on a few occasions it was down to a mistake or a breakdown or even a slide to decide the out come of the heat.

With slot it cars running literary out of the box, but changing to F22 tyre racing these cars is very different to our other classes.

With all the heats over with minimal disruption it was time for the tea break.

So after the race finals lane choices had been sorted and the short break it was time to get the finals under way

Final D

On the start line we had Tone in Red, Alf in Blue, Ray in Yellow and Keith in Green.

The lights went out for the start of 25 laps and it was Tone who raced away into the ;lead with the rest chasing.

It was very soon noticed that Tone had got the hang of his car and Alf also managed to make good use of blue lane attempting to chase Tone down.

This left Keith and Ray to battle it out for the lower places,

The result was: -

1. Tone

2. Alf

3. Keith

4. Ray

Final C

On the grid for this one we had Tone in yellow, Iain M in Red, Steve in Blue and James H in Green.

For Steve and James H this was a bad night being down in this Final as both are usually in the A final.

James H had to swap his car as a wire had pulled out and bought out his Audi R8C.

The lights went out and again all the cars stayed very close together and remained close for many laps again till slides, mistakes and opposing drivers getting a grip and places started swapping on a regular basis.

After 25 exciting laps the result was: -

1. James H

2. Iain M

3. Steve

4. Tone

Final B

The start line consisted of James H in Red, Andy in Blue, Alan in yellow and Ian R. in Green

The lights went out and all cars raced away at great speed and again stayed close for most of the 25 laps ( within half a lap) without much action it was a good clean race right through and an enjoyable race to watch.

The result of this final was: -

1. Andy

2. Ian R

3. James H

4. Alan

Final A

The nights big one and what a race we had.

On the start line we had Lyle in red, Mike in Blue, Andy in yellow and Ken in Green.

The lights went out and a very furious race started with Mike (Just back from the Artic circle) and Ken managing to break away after some 10 laps and then Mike managing to put some space between himself and Ken leaving Andy and Lyle ( what happened Lyle your usually top notch in Slot it) to race themselves for the lower places.

After the 25 laps of some exciting and interesting racing the result was : -

1. Mike

2, Ken

3. Lyle

4. Andy.

So came to the end of another great night her at Presto and the championship points are as follows: -

Mike 25

Ken 23

Lyle 21 + 1pt for fastest Lap 6.688 secs ( red lane


Andy 20

Ian R 19

James H 18

Alan 17

Iain M 16

Steve 15

Tone 14

Alf 13

Keith 12

Ray 11

Next week we are in Round 2 Race 2 for our GT3's

Looking forward to seeing you there
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Thanks Keith. The start lights are now fitted above the Ferrari pit box as discussed last night and after sorting out the wiring (32 cables in all) they actually worked first time. Phew.

I really didn't expect to win the A final as I was up against some serious competition with Lyle the 'Slot it King' for the last few years and Ken who is always quick. Andy is no slouch either.

Looking forward to Gt3 next week as I have a couple of new cars to sort out. See you then.
What a difference borrowing a car from the supremo at Presto makes, a big thank you to Lyle as I moved up from last place in round 1 to eighth in round 2 can I repeat it in round 3 with my own car? Time will tell. Mike was on fire last night and congratulations to him on a great win from Ken, and Lyle who just didn't have the legs last night but I am sure he will be back on top for round 3. GT3 next week which is always a close run thing so looking forward to next week, see you then.

I tried my Mazda Erini I out and some work needs to be done on the balance. So the Mercedes Kouros took to the track. It did well, just goes to show the previous is better. Good racing by all and the competition is getting better.

Lamborghini or Ferrari for next week's GT3.

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