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Evening All

Another great evenings racing was expected here at Presto Park.

With quite a few drivers missing for various reasons, we set up for some great heats and racing started with some very fast laps and a lot of overtaking in our fastest class.

The lap times varied from the mid sevens to the low sixes.

Even a break after heat 5 the heats were completed quickly and without much action but some good close racing with just a few minor casualties that needed minor repairs.

The final five heats again went very quickly and it was time for tea and cookies (Thanks Iain and many happy returns for Friday.)

So to the finals

Final C saw Keith take on Iain, Ray, and Alf.

When the light went out for the twenty five laps it was Keith and Alf that went away and Keith took the lead for ten laps, Alf then put on an excellent charge and caught him with four laps to go to take the lead and stayed there till the end and Ray and Iain battled it out for third and fourth respectively.

Final B. With Alf winning the C final he took his place along side Richard T, Steve, and Tone. When the lights went out everyone went away and some went to quickly and dropped back and had to fight their way back to the front. Steve drove perfectly after a couple of early misadventures, Richard T drove very well and scored some very fast laps with Tone chasing hard and poor Alf stuck in Yellow lane struggled to keep up with the fasters cars.

After 25 hard laps it was Steve who took the win with Richard T second, Tone in third and Alf bringing up the rear.

Final A, Steve took his place in Red lane with Mike surprisingly opting to choose Yellow, James H deciding on Green lane and Lyle taking Blue.

After the lights went out all cars went away very fast and the lead swapped hands quite a few times until after ten laps when everyone seemed to settle down.

It was Steve who had got away to lead with James H chasing but could not match Steve's speed and Mike was having a few minor issues but was trying to catch James without success.

After the 25 laps it was Steve who crossed the line first and also managed to get under 6 seconds to take the fastest lap of the night. To be followed home by James H, Mike, and Lyle who unfortunately had car issues during this final.

So the results for tonight are

Steve 25+ 1pt for fastest lap (5.998 secs)

James H 23

Mike 21

Lyle 20

Richard T 19

Tone 18

Alf 17

Keith 16

Ray 15

Iain 14

Well done to everyone for a great nights racing

Next week we have round 2 of our Saloon class

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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Not a great night for me last night. Disappointed that we had so many members away for various reasons that stretched the marshalls having to cover more track than usual.

My Mosler was going great until it was hit hard in the back and the car was never the same after that.

Well done to Steve for the A final win and fastest lap.

See you all next week for saloon cars, have a great week everyone.

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Thanks to Keith for your early report after many cups of coffee!!

Good fast racing by everybody in this group. I was surprised to see how well my ex-retired BA Aston Martin DBR9 handled sooooo well, I am pleased.

Saloons next week so out with the polish and Champion spark plugs for another crack at the "A" finals with my Alfa T33.


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Another great nights racing. I had a nightmare in the heats ( too many offs) qualifying 2nd in the B final. But I managed to keep it in the slot with a decent pace to win the B final. Then to my surprise I was given red in the A final. Due to a few offs at the start I pulled away. James chased hard catching me very quickly. But he had a couple of offs allowing me to stay in 1st. Im not sure what part of the race I had the fastest lap. It feels good to get my 1st sub 6sec lap. Looking forward to saloons next week.

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Hello All sorry for the late reply not long been back from Rockingham speedway ! Had a learn to drift day very exciting and got the blood pumping ! May take it up as another hobbie now i have a taste for it. Anyway back to wednesday great night of racing some close battles all the way through some heats and finals, during the A final how i was catching steve i thought i may be on for my first win of the year but noo club champion, me, i cant do that, shows i still havent learnt to keep it in the slot at vital times🤦‍♂😂 still happy with 2nd though and looking forward to getting back on track
See you all next week for saloons where hopefully the opel will stay in the slot or will the merc be out again 🤔 see you then 👍

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Oh well another dire night I must stop turning up with square tires on my car, they don't work too well!! Huge thanks to Tone for the loan of some round tires. Perhaps giving away 2500 rpm didn't help me either but excuses don't make up poor preparation the bane of my Wednesday nights so far this year. Still the entertainment value of race nights with the banter more than makes up for the odd weeks disappointment. Congratulations to Steve on a fantastic nights racing and his first sub 6 second lap and perhaps in my dreams I may be able to join him!!!!

See you all next week for Saloons when I may turn up with a car sitting on round tires.

regards Iain

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Hi Guys

Big congratulations to Steve for his win and fastest lap Based on Steve's performance more than happy to be runner up in the B final.
Thanks to Iain for cakes - happy birthday mate My turn next week!
Even though we were a little short on numbers for those of us who attended a great nights racing was had by all with the usual banter and comeraderie to cap it off - thank you.
My Calibra will be my choice for next week - this decision is based on the fact that it's my only choice! However it will,soon be joined by a Rover SD1 built using a Amato chassis. Once again this underlines my fleet choice based on the cars i like rather than what my be the most competitive!
See you next week.

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