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Our 20th Club Night of 2012 was run around the Shanghai F1 track with its long, long straights and sweeping corners interspersed by tight hairpins.
Jamie Sismey took his fourth win of the season by a lap for the Adults while James Mellor took back to back victories at Shanghai for the Juniors. Geoff Peach again dominated the HO Masters.

The Juniors, nine of them in all on the night, set the meeting in motion at 1930 with their Qualifying and Finals all complete by 2030 along with our three Adult Non Members

Phil Rees was in charge of Parc Ferme as usual, where everyone leaves their cars, to speed up the down time between races.

Liam Smith and Andrew Wang (aptly over from Shanghai!) about to react to a de slotted Porsche 917

Some Juniors were as tall as the Adults!

The Shanghai circuit from the penultimate turn

Spreadsheets that keeps all Adults and Juniors up to date as to where they stand after each race during Qualifying via a macro. Also shows the track records along the top which go purple if a record is broken. The purple numbers shown are the best scores with that type of car during the evening, the coloured bars showing who set the best scores on each lane. The Non Members are shown at the lower end of the spreadsheet.

Cliff Roythorne drove all the way from Bristol to race and run Race Control

The Junior 'A' Finalists prepare for battle

Geoff Peach keeps an eye on cars entering the long back straight

The White Board tells all which race they are in, starting on what lane, and who they are racing against during Qualifying

Turn 1 and 2 really didn't catch too many out once they realised that red and blue lanes could not be negotiated together, a real interesting combination of turns

DHORC's Qualifying Sheets used to tranfer data into the spreadsheet

Despite being away Lee Pateman continues to lead the main Adult Championship where the top 16 results count. The yellow cells are the dropped scores, the five black cells used for the Team Championship. James Mellor is dominating the Juniors as is Geoff Peach the HO Masters for the over 60's.

The Team Championship encourages Members to work together for the best results

The DHORC Challenge Championship is based on points awarded for each Final, from 2.0, 1.5, 1.0 and 0.5 points for a four lane track, to 5.0 down to 0.5 for the ten lane Crash and Burn ovals. Therefore do well in your part of the field compared to your compatriots and you could be leading the DHORC Challenge

A full report can be found in the latest magazine at from w/c 3Sep12

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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