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Hello All

Well here we are at the end of round three with Formula one.

Racing last night was a very close for the top ten with the remaining five there just to make up the numbers. I personally was on the poorest form this years as had Tuesday

in Hospital

and still feeling very rough and broke all three cars in my first three heats, along with others who landed up changing motors and tyre's to try to get the most from their cars

for some it worked, and others it didn't.

The heats went very well with some very close races and some that had run away winners.

The lap record changed hands many times during the evening as all drivers finally get their cars sorted out.

So to the finals: -

Final E

Tonight as it was half term Richard and James E stayed for the finals and although struggling Keith managed a couple of laps in the lead before little James caught him and

went away to win. Keith managed to stay in second even though Richard E was catching him to finish 3rd.

Final D

Little James took his place in yellow along side Imac, Alf and Tone. This was a close race to start with and followed this pattern for a short while then Alf took the lead and

raced away to take the win to be followed home by Imac in 2nd, Tone in 3rd and Little James in 4th, well done to Little James for his first final win as well as some stable

quick driving.

Final C

Alf took his place along side Andy, Ray, and Ian R. The lights went out and all drivers where driving quickly but it was Andy who managed to get away ahead of Alf who spent

the 25 laps chasing Andy and got close a few times. Well done to Ray who raced hard with his very fast car but could do nothing to catch Andy and Alf. Also a big well done

to Ian R who made his first appearance in final C with one of the Boss's cars. well done Ian.

After 25 laps it was Andy who took the win with Alf in 2nd, Ray in third and Ian R at the back.

Final B

Steve lined up along side James H, Andy, and Mike. The first few laps everyone was very close and not more than 4 car lengths between them, but after a few more laps

Mike dropped off the back and Steve raced away with James H chasing hard but was not quick enough to make up any distance which left Andy to race alone in third.

After the 25 laps it was Steve who took the win with James H in 2nd, Andy in 3rd and Mike 4th.

The Big One Final A

We Had the line up of Richard T taking on Lyle, Steve and Alan.

As expected this final was very fast and furious with all places changing hands often as well as the lap record changing on a few occasions during this final.

After 25 laps it was Richard T who took the win and managed to hold on to the new lap record which he set on lap 21. Alan H drove very quick to but just couldn't catch

Richard T. with the final result for the A final as Richard T taking the win, Alan H 2nd, Steve in 3rd and Lyle in 4th.

The overall results

Richard T 25 + 1pt for fastest lap and new lap record 6.175 secs

Alan H 23

Steve 21

Lyle 20

James H 19

Andy 18

Mike 17

Alf 16

Ray 15

Ian R 14

Imac 13

Tone 12

James E 11

Keith 10

Richard E 09

So that's the end of Round three of the club championship and those results will follow soon.

Next week we are into Round 4 with our popular Standard Slot-it class

See you all there.

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Thanks Keith and great job Richard, well done mate.
I have found out my problem from last night, both Flat 6 motors were poor, after changing to a new BRM motor this was poor also. Two new motors fitted today and when tested just off Richard's new lap record and they aren't run in yet !!

For members who were concerned last night about the two pit crew from Marlboro who went to hospital. The one hit by a tyre was kept in overnight for observation and the other released after treatment. Both will be back in the paddock Wednesday. Lol.

See you next week for Slot it.

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Big thanks to my pal Alf for the loan of one of his cars for tonight's racing. A detached braid after heat one put the pressure on to have the car ready for heat two. A challenge that Alf and me rose to having the car back together as cars were lining up on the grid!
Having a great car to drive can deliver a great result as tonight's results have shown. Alfs passion for this class is clear and his cars are brilliant, an absolute joy to drive, beautifully balanced with the right level of performance and grip. Thank you Alf I just hope I can build one to match yours. Tonight's points combined must surely put Team Alf ahead in the Constructors Championship!
What another brilliant nights racing we had tonight as well with the lap record bouncing around the room along with cars flying off the track! Coupled with the usual level of banter you couldn't get a better race night than that!
Thanks once agin to Alf and see you all next week for Slot It.

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Good racing by all on Formula 1 night.

I pitted my Carrera F1 cars, modern era, Louis and Sebastian, against the Amato chassis 70's F1 and did not compete too well. Will have to modify accordingly to compete next time out.

Nigel Mansell's F1 car was loaned out and came back with suspension damage!! That will be fixed in due course.

Be sure to see you all next week for slot-It with Kouros Merc on the grid!!

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