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Hello All,

As expected another great night here at Presto Park with 15 drivers attending and our usual spectator numbers (on the rise to 1.8k LOL)

With every thing working properly and a new race screen installed so everyone can see the lap times and places which helped immensly for all drivers in all area's of the club.

The heats as usual with a few minor hiccups for several drivers, but the most specatcular incident of the night came to me as I managed to spin out of my slot in front of the pits

turn 360 degrees and drop staright back into my slot not once, not twice, but three times. I even immpressed myself,

Congratulation to Ian R on his results tonight in the heats and a very special mention for James H for his superb lap in Blue lane in heat 7 when he managed to break his own

lap record to achieving 5.820 seconds. Well done to all drivers for getting through the evening.

So to the finals:-

Little James and his Dad left as usual so we start with :-

Final D.

We have Ian R in red lane, Keith in Blue, Ray in yellow and Tone in green

The lights went out and Keith and Tone went away with Ray in third and Ian R at the rear. After about 10 laps Keiths car started to play up and soon dropped to the back and

Ray tried hard to catch Tone who was racing away and Ian R kept going in 3rd.

So after 25 laps it was Tone who took the win, with Ray in second, Ian R third and Keith retired at lap 20.

Final C.

Tone took his place in Yellow, with Skippy in green, Imac in red, and Alf in blue.

Straight from lights out it was Alf in the lead followed by Skippy who soon caught him and stayed till the end, but Imac and Tone also managed to catch Alf, The lower places

swapped for a couple times the settled down to give Skippy the win followed home by Imac, with Tone in third and Alf fourth.

Final B.

Skippy took his promoted position in yellow along side Richard T in red, Mike in blue,and Steve in green to match his car.

Richard and Mike went away very quickly and soon it was Richard who raced away into the leed. This final saw the greatest distance at the end between all the racers with

Richard T taking the win (Well done and well deserved) with Mike trying hard to catch up came in second, with Steve in third and Skippy in fourth.

Final A.

The big one of the night. Richard T took his place in the dreaded yellow lane with Andy in green, Lyle in Red and the racer of the night James T in Blue.

The lights went out and all four raced away and were very close for a couple of laps until James T and Lyle managed to break away leaving Richard T and Andy to race

for the lower places and after 25 laps the result was James H winning, Lyle in second, Andy 3rd and Richard T fourth.

A greats night for all and some good and surprising results to.

Final results are :-

James T 25 + 1pt for fastest lap and lap record (5.820 secs)

Lyle 23

Andy 21

Richard T 20

Mike 19

Steve 18

Skippy 17

Iain Mac 16

Tone 15

Alf 14

Ian R 13

Ray 12

Keith 11

Richard E 10

James E 09

Well done to all.

Next week is round 3 of our Saloon Class

Hope to see you all there

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Hello All
Great nights racing again at presto along with cake 😍👌 was close racing all the way through out the night, being on race control you cant always see how close some races are but when you look at the laps clicking over and the times being set between two drivers you can see theres not a lot between them! Quite a few moslers out on track tonight as they seem to be the popular car for this class as to how low and wide they sit. Glad i managed to beat my own lap record, not quite the time i set myself at the start of the night where i was aiming for a 5.7 ish but i managed to get close 👌
See you all for saloons next week where the merc or the opel will be out on track
James H

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Thanks Keith for the report. Last night was another good night at Presto with the midfield drivers now moving up the ranks, see list below.

Well done to James for the A final win and new class lap record.
I know he is aiming to beat Alan Seymours all time lap record of 5.6 so not that far away.

Lyle is on fire this year and I firmly believe this year could be his year as club champion if he continues the way he is at the moment, so well done to him.

Now that Richard T is able to make more meetings this has shown with regular appearances in the A final, the place I believe he should be.

New member Andy Tayor recently joined us and is doing very well indeed, another visit to the A final - great result Andy.
Thanks for the Birthday cake and Happy Birthday mate.

Club Championship placings as follows (top six)



Steve P

James H

Richard T


Class placings so far (top driver)

Sports/Gp5 James H

Saloon Mike

Formula 1 Alan H

Goodwood Lyle

Gt3 Mike

American Muscle Steve P

Slot it Lyle

Very pleasing to see different names in the leading places both in the championship and individual classes.

Next week is Saloons so I am hoping to continue to keep my first place but with so much great competition this year I have my doubts.

Is it me or has everyone got much quicker this year??

Have a great week. Mike

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Grrr.... that pesky Herbie is damn quick when his cars play ball, well done on the new sports record time

I've had a good last 4 meetings so far, hoping I haven't peaked too soon!!

Some of my cars still need some tlc on the handling front, but don't really want to touch them; even if they're not perfect.

Thank you for the cake Andy, think I walked it off on Thursday with 9.5km of walking

See you for saloons

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