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Hello All,

This evening is the last class in Round 4 with our Formula One class.

This class has gone from a very few who got the hang of these cars to the many and we had some very close racing and some surprises in the finals.

Firstly Happy Birthday Lyle we all hope you have a great day and Thanks for the cake it is appreciated.

With 11 drivers and aleast 2k spectators . 007 Alf where are you we missed the banter, Hope Switzerland is meeting your requirements (Hic Lol)

Racing got underway with some very fast lap times at the top end and some slower ones as well.

After the heats Keith managed the slowest lap at over 120 seconds ( he even asked the boss for an extra points for it LOL)

With a new move called the Vettel touch following his antics at Silverstone last weekend, we see several of this move during the evening.

So to the finals

Final D

Just two racer on the grid. Keith took on Ian R for the 25laps, Keith had problems all evening and soon fell behind and Ian took the lead and also the win

Final C

Ian R took his place on the start line along side Imac, Ray, and Mike (who was having a dreadful night like Keith)

Ray stated before the start that he was only good for 4th, but drove well, Imac also drove an excellent race and after the 25 laps the result can out as Mike in 1st, Imac

second, Ray in 3rd and Ian R in 4th.

Final B

After his great win in the previous final Mike lined up with Andy, Tone and James H.

The start line was pensive as everyone waited for the lights to go out and as they all raced away all cars stayed close for the first couple of laps the Andy managed to break

away with Tone and James H chasing hard as they kept swapping places before James H managed to break away, So after 25 laps it was Andy who took the win, with

James H in second, Tone drove well to take 3rd, and Mike came in 4th.

Final A

The big one and we expected some very quick, so we have Steve along with Lyle, Richard T, and Andy.

The lights went out and all cars raced away and again they all stayed close for several laps until Richard T managed to break away to be followed by Steve. Lyle made a

couple of mistakes as did Andy and everything settled down to the three drivers chasing Richard T (in his Alf 007 prepared car) ( hope your reading this Alf your driver did

you proud ) and Took the win with the fastest lap of the night.

The result for the number A final was Richard T taking the win from Steve in second, Lyle managing an excellent 3rd and Andy trying very hard to gain a well deserved 4th.

We all had a great evening and now looking forward to the start of Round 5.

The nights results are as follows: -

Richard T 25 + 1pt for Fastest lap 6.237.

Steve 23

Lyle 21

Andy 20

James H 19

Tone 18

Mike 17

I mac 16

Ray 15

Ian R 14

Keith 13

So to Next week, Its the start of round 5 and as usual with the Standard Slot its.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week

Enjoy your holiday Alf and Andy hope the kids don't run you ragged to much.
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