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Hello from a wet and windy Norfolk.

Yes I know I am actually writing this with the sun shining outside.

It was a very quiet night with just ten drivers attending, but the usual 1.5k + spectators

With some very close racing and quick times.

Well done to Ian R who's lap times are getting quicker and commiserations to Ray who struggled being under the weather, Hope you feel better next week

Mike had a more successful evening this week and had some good results, its great to see you back on form.

With, Alf (in the south of France) and Imac (In Madeira) the banter was still prevalent and included you both. Hope your enjoying your holidays and are still standing (Hic!!!!)

So the heats got underway and finished very quickly without many incidents to report on with the exception the usual drivers chasing each other for the fastest lap of the night

which was finally won by Lyle.

So to the finals

Final C

On the grid we had Ray, Keith, Ian R, and Alan H. The lights went out and Alan led away for the 25 laps leaving the remailer to race for the remaining places.

Keith managed to get a head of Ian R and Ray so after the 25 laps the result was Alan taking the win from Keith in 2nd, Ian R in 3rd and Ray in 4th

Final B

This final we have Alan taking on Mike, Andy, and Tone

After the lights went out for the first few laps we had some close racing until Mike finally broke away with Andy chasing hard and Tone and Alan fighting it out for the lower

places. After 25 laps it was Mike taking the win with Andy close behind, Tone taking 3rd and Alan 4th.

Final A

We had Lyle in red, Steve in Blue, James H in green and Mike in the dreaded yellow lane.

With Mike and James H next to each other we expected some Harvey kisses on the corners, but were disappointed as James seemed to have some tail end problems .

This final was very fast, but no one was able to break Lyles fastest lap, even Lyle himself only managed to get within 6 thousandths away.

With close racing the result came after 25 laps and it was Lyle who took the win with Steve in Second, Mike in 3rd and James H who struggled and finished 4th

Thanks to everyone for mucking in marshalling larger area's than normal.

Final results for the evening: -

Lyle 25 + 1pt for fastest lap 6.410 secs

Steve 23

Mike 21

James H 20

Andy 19

Tone 18

Alan 17

Keith 16

Ian R 15

Ray 14

Ray hope you feel better for next week.

Thanks to Mike and Averill for another great evening.

Next week its Sports GT/Group 5

Looking forward to seeing you all there

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Thanks Keith. I hope Richard and Ray are feeling better and we see Richard back next week. Also I hope John M is feeling better having been away for some weeks and Viv has managed to sort out his van's mechanical problems.

We are now entering the dreaded 'Summer Season' as at this time of year most clubs suffer with low attendance figures.

I did wonder if we were racing the America Cup class last night as there were lots of crashes and debris flying every where.

Both my cars were not great but i did manage to hang onto third place in the A final, thanks to James who's car suffered severe damage. If it wasn't for that I would not have got third as James was all over me like a rash !

Next week Sports/Gt, have a great week and see you then. Mike

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Hi all
Surprised to hear James' car getting damaged, I thought that only happened when he was good (foolish) enough to lend a car to me!!! Madeira is great but driving over here is not for the faint hearted it makes a round of American Muscle seem like a gentle stroll on the park.the view point with glass viewing platform 100yds up the road is just over 2000 feet straight down and I must have a bit mountain goat DNA in me because I walked out onto it and although white knuckles were in evidence looking down I managed to keep hold of lunch. The roads over here bring new meaning to the word 'steep' and I don't think I WOULD HIRE A CAR AGAIN OVER HERE AGAIN.
See you all next week

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Bonjour les pilote de course,
Pleased you all had a great evening I'm not looking forward to driving in the uk as here there just are no cars about.
Anyway I shall be back next week for sports GT, once sobered up hic hic.

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Hi ye'all,
Good racing all and very competitive.
My McLaren held it's own on it's maiden race and it could take the place of the Lola T70; there were many T70's on the grid, a very popular car!!
Also Ferrari 330/412 could show it's face too!!
Will be along side you all on the grid for the Sports/GT class, Keep an eye out for the orange Mosler.
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