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Hello All

What a night here at Presto Park, we had some of the closest racing this year.

With 16 drivers attending with a variety of cars

The heats went very well with few incidents and as we got to the later heats when the racing got very close.

Congratulations to Ray for getting to B final after winning final C, also to Ian R for getting to grips and charging ahead.

Well done to Alf who this week started to regain his form from before his holiday.

So to the Finals

Final E

It was Keith and Skippy who raced the 25 laps and from the off it was Skippy who raced away and left Keith in his wake.

So after 25 laps Skippy took the win and progressed to the next final.

Final D

Skippy to ok to the grid with Alf , Viv, Tone.

The lights went out and they all raced away and Alf took the lead with Viv close behind for Alf to make a mistake and let Viv passed, Tone chased hard but could not match

Viv and Alf. Skippy struggled with his Jag.

After the 25 laps it was Viv who took the win with Alf in Second, Tone in third and Skippy Fourth.

Final C

We had Ray, Imac, Ian R, and Viv.

Again a very close start with mistakes being made by all drivers, but after a few laps to settle down, It was Ray who settled down first and made a break and raced away

with Ian R and Imac chasing each other leaving Viv to race alone.

After 25 laps it was Ray who took the win, with Ian R taking 2nd, with Imac in 3rd and Viv bringing up the rear.

Final B

Steve, James H, Lyle, and Ray lined up for this final

With some very close racing, probably the closest we had seen at Presto this year with the lead changing hands on several occasions.

After 25 laps it was Steve who took the win with James H very close behind and Lyle in 3rd and Ray in 4th

Final A

The big one and this race out did final B for some very close racing

On the grid was Richard T, along side Mike, Steve and Andy.

The lights went out and all raced away and all cars stayed very close for several laps and it was Richard T in the lead with Mike in second, Andy was chasing hard and Steve

was having a nightmare in yellow lane. the cars stayed close for most of the race, It was down to the last lap when Mike finally caught Richard T to take the win and second

accordingly, Steve took third with Andy trailing in 4th after a couple of mistakes

With the closest racing of the season so far we are looking forward to this becoming the norm here at Presto Park.

The final results for the night are: -

Mike 25

Richard T 23

Steve 21 + 1pt for fastest lap 6.521 secs

Andy 20

James H 19

Lyle 18

Ray 17

Ian R 16

Imac 15

Viv 14

Alf 13

Tone 12

Skippy 11

Keith 10

Richard E 9

James E 8

Next week it American Muscle.

See you all there.

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Thank you Keith for your prompt report.
It certainly was very close racing throughout, sorry I didn't make the grade due to last minute motor mount and gearing changes!!
Will be better next time out in this class.
Looking forward to the muscle cars with charger and Monte Carlo vying for grid position.
See you all behind me on the front row, ha! Ha!

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Thanks Keith comprehensive report as always. Good to see a virtual full turn out of members for this meeting.

I was very lucky to win the A final as Richard gave me a hard time but I kept the pressure on until lap 24 when he made a mistake on Barn Corner and I went by - great drive Richard, well done mate.

Steve did well to take third place but is still over driving and deslots as a result, showing poorer places than he is capable of. However, good to see him in the A final and Andy T too who has improved tremendously since joining Presto Park.

New member Ian R is now getting to grips with the track and showed real promise at last nights meeting. Now to Ray (Merc Man,) it took him a while to learn the track but now he is driving really well and improves week on week, well done mate.

Thanks to Ian R for bringing a big box of chocolates from his holiday in Bruges, they went down well.

So to next week, no one driver has shone this year in this class with A final wins going to Richard, Steve & James and Alf too with a creditable second place finish.

Tescos have 'superglue' in stock at the moment so it might be a good idea to buy some for next week.

See you all for American Muscle.

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What a final. The closest I think I have ever seen at Presto with the gap between Richard and Mike changing by a inch or so lap after lap and it was decided by an unfortunate de-slot for Richard in the dying stages of the A final. It was a privilege to watch and see how its done. Its great to see Mike back on top form over the last 2 or 3 weeks. Well done to Steve for fastest lap and to Alf for getting a little way back towards his old form. I was dreading Alf and I being in the same final last night as I have trouble keeping track of my car when they are all different in the race so to of had to contend with an identical car in the same race over 25 laps would have been more than the lagging concentration could have coped with. AS ever a great nights racing and wern't those Belgian chocs moorish thanks Ian R for your holiday treat. Although I was leading the final until I went from hero to zero with a double rear shunt leaving me on my roof in the middle of the main straight it would only been a matter of time before Ray and Ian R overtook me so I was very happy with my 3rd place. Next week will see if my American muscle car lives up to the name or will it be more Mr Puniverse.

See you all next week


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Lesson of the night is to check your box for the car you want to drive, before leaving for work in the morning!! :ermm: :wacko: rather than having to use the random spare for the evening.

I'd like to echo Mike's comments re. Ray, Ian & Andy.

Congrats on the win Mike, unlucky Richard :thumbsup:

Catch you for American next week

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Hi All

What a great night this turned out to be! Great to see a mix in the results of the heats which gave a welcome shake up to the finals which produced some really close racing. I have to agree with Iain the best in recent weeks with a great turn out too! The standard of driving both new members and old continues to rise. Thanks to Mike and Averil for providing a club which enables and encourages a culture where we can support and learn from each other - that is what Presto special!
Well done Mike for taking the top spot deservedly,a great race, I kept you at bay for as long as I could but an off towards the end sealed it. I couldn't of had more fun it was great to be racing side by side - brilliant. Thank you.
Great racing and banter once again so looking forward to Mr Muscle and Naff cars next week.

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Apologies for the grammatical error in my post. Should read what makes Presto special.

Additionals - great to see Alf getting back on form and thanks Keith for a detailed race report which helps to get the posts rolling in!

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What do you think Mike,of course I told Shelagh (not) about the yummy Belgian chocs that Ian brought back from his hols and about the ONE Wispa bar that found it's way into my tum. Do you think if you were to stock Aero choc. bars in the fridge that the bubbles would make it less fattening that the Wispas. Don't suppose Shelagh would buy that argument for one second but you never know. I am worried that several of us race the Frank Gardner Camero so I may put masking tape and my name on the side of mine to aid the failing brain in differentiating my car from the rest. Of course unless I can find a lot more go then I will just have to look out for the one at the back of the field!!!!!!

C U all on Wednesday for the next round of the Presto Demolition Derby!

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