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Here we are again, where does the time go.

It was nice to see John D back with us this week

This class is very popular with all our drivers and we looked forward to some close racing.

Heat one started the night off with all cars fairly close, Then james raced away and after three laps Keith ground to a halt as a wire came adrift from the guide which left John M with 3rd and Alan to take 2nd.

Heat 2 saw the rivalry between Mike and Lyle and with some close racing Lyle took the spoils.

Heat 3 Saw Viv have an excellent race to take his only win of the night.

The next few heats ran quickly and the results were as expected until

Heat 8 when after a very close battle between Steve and Mike and places being swapped on several occasions. Steve took the spoils with Mike close behind. James also had his lowest finish of the night in 3rd.

Heat 12 the final one of the night saw Mike take on Alan, Skippy and Viv. Mike went away quickly and during the heat he managed to get his car to go so fast that he broke the lap record some three times before taking the spoils with a lap record time of 6.412 seconds Well done Mike.

The remaining three were left to battle it out for the remaining places, with Viv taking a well earned 2nd place.

The final for tonight were as expected and we started with

Final D which saw Ray take on John M and Keith. Ther final was faster than normal and some close racing with the spoils going to John M followed by Ray and Keith

Final C we had Tone take on John D, John M, and Alan. This again bought some close racing and every one settled down except for John M who's car decided to start de-slotting to come in 4th with Alan taking the spoils and moving up to

Final B with Skippy, Steve, and Viv. This again was a close race and with not to many drama's it was Viv who took the spoils and promoted himself to

Final A with Mike, James and Lyle. This heat saw Viv very much out paced by the rest of the field and it soon became apparent that the race was a fight between Mike, James and Lyle. Mike took the spoils with Lyle in 2nd and James 3rd.

Overall it was a great evenings racing and


Results for tonight

Mike 25 + 1pt for fastest lap 6.412 new lap record

Lyle 23

James 21

Viv 20

Alan 19

Skippy 18

Steve 17

Tone 16

John D 15

John M 14

Ray 13

Keith 12

Have a good week and see you all next week for GT3, Lets hope for some close racing.

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Really didn't think I could beat Lyle's Porsche as it has always been an awesome car out of the box. I was also surprised to find that red lane ( least favoured lane ) was the lane I set the fastest time on and won the A final on also.

Next week GT3, I wonder how the extremely fragile Black Bull Lambo's will fare?

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Well done Mike just as well Lyle didnt lend you his 'Orange Flyer' or you may not have done so well. Congratulations on the result against Lyle and your new lap records. Sorry I missed seeing the heats and the finals looks like I missed a great night's racing. I didn't come last night as I had a 'silly o'clock' start to get to N & N for the new hip. Got there on time!!!! all going well answered all the questions, gave a bit of blood, given my operation gown and then 10 o'clock due to the volume of trauma patients taken in last night my op. was postponed till the 18th. A bit of a blow but I suppose there were one or two who needed some surgical care as an emergency admission so can't feel too bad. Hope to get a race before the restart op. on the 18th.

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Hi Guys
Sounds like a good nights racing, oh James Mike seems to have edged ahead!!! Fingers crossed for you Iain for the 18th. Can't say I missed you all last night as I was too busy drinking wine and soaking up the sun in the Emerauld isle.
Anyway back next week don't know about the Lamborghini but the maclaren will be coming out.

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Well done Mike on the win and new lap record, glad you like the orange Porsche
(I don't suppose you've got a couple of lengths of thin cable for an scalex F1 car Mike?)

Sorry James I tried, you'll just have to beat Mike next week with the fastest lap.

All the best for your op Iain and hopefully we'll see you soon
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