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Hello All,

Here at Presto we start round 4 of the season

Where has the year gone so far.

Its our standard Slot it class

We always expect and got some very close racing and some good lap times.

We had 12 drivers attending with some local school having parents evenings, So we got underway with some super races and Mike got his form back by winning all four of his heats as did many other drivers.

So to the finals

Final D

Ian R took on Keith and Imac. it was the usual 25 laps for the finals and plenty of banter about us oldens needing Satchogen ( I thinks that the right spelling) to get to the end, but we all managed it.

After the 25 laps it was I mac who took the win with Ian R in 2nd and Keith in last.

Final C

Imac took his place along side Ray, Tone, and Alf

The lights went out and all raced away, this was a straight forward 25 laps with places being swapped for the first few laps the every on settling down and enjoying some cloak and dagger driving from all the drivers.

it was Alf who took the win to be followed home by Ray in 2nd, Imac 3rd and Tone in 4th.

Final B

Some very quick drivers here with Alan taking on Steve, James H and Alf.

This was a closely contested final with all driver taking the lead even it was only for a matter of seconds.

Again a very fast final but after 25 laps it was Steve who crossed the line 1st with James H in 2nd, Alan 3rd and Alf bringing up the rear.

Final A

The clash of the club titans with Mike taking on Richard T, Lyle and Steve.

After lights out the cars raced away and stayed close together for the first 3 laps the mike managed to break away with Richard T in close pursuit and Steve and Lyle racing each other.

After 25 laps it was Mike who took the win with Richard T close in 2nd, Steve coming in 3rd and Lyle who usually runs away in this class back in 4th.

Final Results

Mike 25

Richard T 23

Steve 21

Lyle 20

James H 19

Alan 18

Alf 17

Ray 16

Imac 15

Tone 14

Ian R 13

Keith 12

Next week its GT3

See you all there

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Tire failure again, that black CA Glue doesn't seem to be working well for me, that's my second failure in as many weeks will try Tesco's special as it can't be any worse than what I am using. A huge thank you to Tone for the loan of a pair of tires which enabled me to climb up a few spots from dead last. Think I will check next weeks tires and if they are stuck on with black glue then I think I will try and re-glue rather than have another iffy performance due to poor tire prep. As always a great night's racing with some very amusing asides even if it was unwittingly at the expense of Alan's wife who didn't realise we were all listening in, sorry form all concerned!! GT3 next week and I understand that Alf has been consulting Alice in Wonderland to try and get hold of some of her shrinking potion so that he can use the Aston her drove at Silverstone the other day at a track day. See you all next week, have a good one till then.

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Hope you're felling better today Keith

Some cracking drives from Ray during the night gave Herbie and others a scare or two!

My braids disintegrated in the final, into strands of wire, which
up the car running

Off-topic: In case anyone was wondering, Pendle are waiting for scaleauto to release a new batch of the 20k s-can (ref 8b motor) which hopefully will be next available before the end of the month!

See you for GT3

Lil' Fella
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Hi all, Saw you all on the grid and then you all disappeared into the distance!!! Left my handbrake on!!

Was not on form, guess I had "Max", my newly acquired dog, JRT x chi, on my mind, better show next time in Slot-it class.

Will be better in the next outing with GT3 group and Lambo or GT3 Italia via-ing for the grid.

Iain M, Re CA glue, I use "ZAP-RT, Rubber toughened CA"- part # PT44. I can pick up a tube for you this weekend. Don't bother with Tescos one.

Grid, here I come.


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Hi Guys

Wow what a nights racing this turned out to be. Congratulations to Mike and commiserations to Lyle. Can't believe I managed second place tonight. This is a very close class and I normally lose my nerve so thrilled with tonight's performance. Other than a drop of oil every now and then the Jag remains as she started several seasons ago when I first started racing. I think tonight's result for me was down to tapping the controller plug just prior to the off! Just a tip that others might like to try as it obviously works for me.
Looking forward to to GT3 with the Aston having had a refurb and new motor so we'll see how she goes.
Iain - I use Loctite Super Glue to attach my tyres and have had no issue - so far!!!
Thanks to Keith for this weeks race report and to all for another great nights racing and entertainment. See you for GT3.

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Thanks to all members for your thoughts and kind comments

Yes I am feeling better now.

Trying to get my head around the championship points, but think I am there and now correspond with the boss.

See you all on Wednesday for GT3
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