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Hello to slot racers,

Well what a night here at Presto Park, racing on many heats was so fast and close and a few surprises on heat winners and also the lap times although

not quick enough to take the overal lap record.

Alf didnt start the night well when his front axle decided to part company with the car on the warm up lap and dropped axle spacers all over the flyover.

Heat 1 saw Richard and Viv lap literally side by side for 15 laps when Richard de-slotted and gave the win to Viv.

Heat 2 Saw a battle between James and Tone but tone de-slotted and James pulled away quickly to take the win.

Heat 3 produced the shock of the night. with Keith and Lyle taking on Ray and Skippy with his pretty pink car.

For a few laps Lyle seemed to be holding the lead until an un natural de-slot saw Keith pass him then hold the lead till the finish to take his first heat win

ever followed by a chasing Lyle and Skippy getting close too.

The following heats saw some close racing and everyone was enjoying racing this class till

Heat 11 when we saw Mike walk away with a very fast heat to beat the rest by over a lap.

Heat 13 The last heat of the night saw Mike go away from the start as if he had a rocket attached to his car followed by close racing between Tone and

Keith with Ray bringing up the rear. Tone finally de-slotted and Keith went a away but could not catch Mike who too 1st place.

This class always brings some close racing and tonight did not disappoint and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.

Skippy lost his nickname for the evening because Alf's car decided to skip all the way down the back straight and also over the flyover (never mind Skippy

you can have your nickname back now.)

So to the Finals:-

Final D saw Ray take on Alf, Iain and Skippy. The race got off to a quiet start and when the drivers got their eyes in Skippy produced some very quick laps

to take the lead which left Iain and Alf to fight it out for second with Alf winning out and Ray bought up the rear

Final C saw Skippy take on Keith Alan and Tone. This heat was very fast and furious and with Alan and Tone finally finding some extra speed from their

cars they raced away to leave Keith in third and Skippy bringing up the rear in the dreaded yellow lane.

Final B saw Alan take on Steve Mike and Richard again this was a very close race until the de-slots started to appear with some very close lap times.

Mike braced himself for the challenge of the rest of the field, but after the full 25 laps Mike to the honours followed by Steve, Richard and Alan.

Final A. Saw Mike take on Viv, Lyle and James. James went away with every one chasing, Mike had problems in yellow lane and Lyle seemed to not get

into the rhythm and followed up in fourth Viv chased hard but couldn't catch the very fast James so the result was James taking the honours followed by

Viv, Mike and Lyle.

Results for the night are as follows

James 25

Viv 23

Mike 21 + 1 pt. for fastest lap (6.333 secs)

Lyle 20

Steve 19

Richard 18

Alan 17

Tone 16

Keith 15

Skippy 14

Alf 13

Iain 12

Ray 11

So everyone is hoping that the speed and effective racing of this week can continue next week when we race our SPORTS GT / GROUP 5 class

See you all there.

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Thanks Keith for the report.

Firstly an important evening for several reasons. Congratulations to Keith for his first ever heat win in the seven years he has been a member of Presto - well done mate, no doubt there are more to follow.

Secondly, I received good news from Alan Seymour this week that he will be returning to Presto at the end of the month following a lapse of two years owing to personal circumstances.

Also, Presto welcomed two new members Richard and James E last night. James enjoyed a few laps during the break and soon got into the rhythm of the circuit. I can see a good slot racer in James which I saw in James H when he joined the club all those years ago and is now a leading driver at the club. Richard too was quick, partly i guess as he races a Honda type R car at Snetterton.

As for me, the first ever breakdown with the motor wire pulling out of the guide, albeit with a grub screw fixing, which cost me dearly for the A final lane choice.

See you all next week.

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Well done Keith on your heat win
You're right I never really settled into the final car seemed all over the place after the first few laps too which didn't help, anyway more than happy to take 4th :)

See everyone Wednesday
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