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Good Morning All

Thanks for reminding me Mike I was using the wrong calender and I was a round ahead of my self last week.

This week its GT3 a popular class here at Presto and with 11 drivers lining up for the heats and all hands to marshalling we got under way with every one

under 8 seconds through out the night

Like we had last week we had some very close racing until the dreaded de-slots started to appear, but other than that it was a very quiet night with some

quality racing through out the ranks.

So on to the finals:-

Final D saw the usual two of Ray and Keith battle it out and with some close racing and equal times both drivers had a couple of de-slots but Ray ended up

taking the spoils by half a lap and moved up to :-

Final C saw Ray take on Tone, Alf and Iain, This was one of the closest finals of the night with some good ineraction between the drivers with the exception

of Ray who couldn't get to grips with the yellow lane tonight and after 25 laps it was Alf who took the win from Iain followed by Tone and Ray:-

Final B saw three drivers who are used to being in the A final, so with Alf moving up from Final C to take on Alan, James and Skippy. Again Alf had a few

problems with the yellow lane along with most of us but fought hard to keep up the pace, but was unable to match the pace of Alan. James who set the

fastest lap of the night and Alan and Skippy trying to keep pace to. James finally took the win followed by Skippy and Alan and Alf brining up the rear

So to the last final of the night, which we all expected to be a battle of the titans, but it did not come to that. This Final saw James take on Lyle, Mike and

Steve. From the start the pace was furious, but the race controller who shall remain nameless had forgot to reset the lap counter/timer unit and recalled

them back to the start.

So once again we had the restart and again it was a very furious pace with mike taking the lead but by the end of lap one Lyle had caught him and so had

Steve with James dropping behind with a de-slot in the dreaded yellow lane. It was not James night as he had several de-slots and could make up the

distance, After a few laps Mike caught Steve and regained second but was not fast enough to catch Lyle who was very fast.

The final result for the A final was Lyle followed by Mike, Steve and James

Results for tonight are as follows:-

Lyle 25

Mike 23

Steve 21

James 20 + 1pt for fastest lap 6.061 secs

Skippy 19

Alan 18

Alf 17

Iain 16

Tone 15

Ray 14

Keith 13

Next week we at Goodwood cars, so see you all then and hope we have another successful night like we always do here at Presto.

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Thanks Keith. The Lambo's were not quite so dominant as we thought they would be with Lyle using an NSR Aston and I used a Scaleauto CR7 but Steve & James did use the Lambo'.

Good to see Richard and son James return and they will be joining us next week.

Next week is one of my favourite classes, so fingers crossed my car and equipment will be behave itself.

See you next week.

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Thanks for the write-up. I wasn't quite as quick as James, Mike, Steve etc..... but the old adage of keeping it in the slot worked whilst the others were having offs certainly paid dividends!

Hopefully I'll be able to get my underpowered GT40 to the A final again next week!!!

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Yet another great night sorry about all the less than perfect race control moments!! but hopefully I can try and shift the blame to James for leaving the 'Dandruff Duster' at home in the workshop/wind tunnel and allowing me to be overcome with the heat of the moment. Dare one add that 'the banter' almost surpassed the close racing and I feel, in my case, it keeps the old brain ticking along in a better state than it would be otherwise. I am sure that Alf would disagree subscribing to the theory that there is no fool such as an old fool from Gimingham.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Goodwood next week and lets hope they have got rid of the B.....Y horses for next week!!!!


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Hello all

yes another eventful night of close racing and seeing me make more mistakes than id of liked, mind you racing with a bad headache isn't the best of ideas !
Unfortunatly the Lambo wouldn't stay in the slot in the corners which I eventually found out that I had to much grip so once this was sorted it was running a lot better. The points gap between me and mike now is 12 points as he pulled back a few Wednesday night from me. It seems the wind tunnel idea didn't do the trick
Oh well means ill have to work a bit harder next week.

See you all next week for Goodwood where hopefully the weather will be a little cooler.

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Hi All,

Lambos did not do as good as I hoped. My orange Murcielargo had a few Knocks and de-slots. more repairs again.

Had spent time sorting out two other cars at the workshop.

Looking forward to next weeks racing with my Lola T70/3.

See you all there

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