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Good morning all,

It was GT3 here at Presto, with 15 drivers attending and with cooler temperature's it made racing more comfortable.

Welcome back Alf, glad you had a good holiday and also to Andy, glad your pirates week went well. James H is so dedicated that once again he managed to get to the club

for this evenings meeting after his accident last week. Hope the pain is reducing James and your recovery is fast.

The heats went well with some very close racing and very few incidents along with the usual banter.

So to the finals: -

Final E

Just three cars in this final and we have Keith, Iain M., and Gordon and with the system set for 25 laps the start lights went out and all three raced away with Iain M. taking

the lead with Keith chasing hard but not being fast enough to catch him and Gordon getting faster and the final progressed. So after the 25 laps it was Iain M. who took the

win with Keith in 2nd and Gordon 3rd.

Final D

We have Tone, Ray, Ian R., and Iain M. on the grid and again a very fast and close laps until the drivers settled down and a close race. After 25 laps it was Ray who took the

win Well done Ray well deserved with Tone in 2nd, Ian R took 3rd, with Iain M bringing up the rear.

Final C

Some strange faces in this lower final. Steve, James H, Alf, and Ray. Again a very close race to start with and it wasn't long before James H went into the lead and the

remaining 3 chasing. After the 25 laps it was James H taking the win from Steve in 2nd, Ray 3rd, and Alf 4th.

Final B

The line up for this final is more like the A final and the race controller lost the plot and called this final as the A final.

the racers were Mike, Lyle, Richard T, and James H.

The cars raced away and were very close for the first quarter of the race before Mike managed to break away and took the win from Richard T in second, Lyle in 3rd and

James H bringing up the rear.

At this point the race controller left his post and a couple of members tried to leave until the remaining members called out to say what about final A. It took a couple of

seconds for the realization that we still had one final to go.

Final A

On the grid that we have Alan, Viv, Mike and Andy. The start was very fast and the lap times all under 6.8 seconds it was very close and stayed that way for most of the race

with us all knowing that this final was going to be won or lost with a mistake and even with the experience of the drivers in this race happens.

The 25 laps went very fast and the final result was not decided until the last fifth of the final. After the 25 laps it was Viv who took the win, Well done your best result this

season and we hope to see you up at the top a lot more during the rest of the season. with Mike taking second, Alan came in 3rd and Andy 4th.

The final results for the night were as follows: -

Viv 25

Mike 23 + 1pt for fastest lap of the night 6.143 sec.

Alan 21

Andy 20

Richard T 19

Lyle 18

James H 17

Steve 16

Ray 15

Alf 14

Tone 13

Ian R 12

Iain M 11

Keith 10

Gordon 9

Well done to every one and hope you are all looking forward to next week when its round 5 of our Goodwood class.

Have a great week.

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Thanks Keith. Firstly congratulations to Ray for some fine drives last night.
well done mate.

Conrat's to Viv for winning the A final and managing to keep clear of the carnage we all got caught up in. These cars are so quick and before you can shout that you are off, someone has ploughed into you.

As Keith said the B final was just like the A a few months back, so it's good to see everyone improving and new faces in the A final.

I must say I admire James H for coming each week whilst on crutches but he still manages some good performances albeit in pain from the broken bone and torn ligaments in his knee.

Next week is Goodwood, one of my favourite classes at Presto.

Tuesday 13th August sees a practise night as requested, hope most of you can make that too.

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Another great night at Presto, I used to tell myself don't worry about the results as it is generally a very enjoyable night with some good races and plenty of good-natured banter. But I have been kidding myself because a win feels fantastic perhaps I can lift it to one a month! It should not go without a mention that all the info and tips that I get drip fed each club night are gratefully received and mostly acted upon so thanks to one and all of the eclectic band of members.Thank you! See you at Goodwood.

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Yes i agree another great nights racing, i recall one with viv where we were side by side for about 15 laps of the race, lambo was going well just i have now noticed how much harder it is sitting down while racing when u can only see parts of the track and are guessing the rest ! Especially on green and yellow when u cant even see the start lights ! Hopefully goodwood goes better and ill see if i can get an a final apperance again as its been a while ! See you then and thanks for the help again everyone

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Hi all GT3 racers,

Good racing by all and the newer up and coming stars!!!

Personally I didn't do too well on the night, no excuses really. Lambo and Ferrari was good in the heats, Mercedes AMG finished off the "D" final with Ray taking the spoils, well done!!

Looking forward to the Goodwood, McLaren or Ferrari vying for the grid????

Little "T"

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Wow what a night this turned out to be. Well done to Viv for taking the top spot tonight. What appeared to be a calm and calculated drive ensured he took the spoils. Hats off to those that followed in what was and A+ final as i'm sure the final I raced in appeared to be an A final !

Big thank you to Mike for saving my night with a new pinion after mine decided to split on the second lap of my first heat which meant I had to retire ! Not a great start to the night. With no spare car in tow I had to do what I like doing the least which is a repair during the heats. So with new pinion in place I managed to take two firsts and a second place to get me into the B (it had all the pressure of an A) final. So for me 5th place overall was a result.

Nice to see Alf back into the swing of things with a mention to Ray for a great nights driving. Its great to see the rising standard of driving mixing up the finals.

See you all again next week.

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