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Round 6 Goodwood

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Good Afternoon All

Round 6 of our Goodwood class which is again a popular class with some very fast cars and some good racing was expected.

With 12 drivers attending (where are you Alf) all raring to go and we hoped not too many breakdowns.

So to the heats

These passed very quickly and even had time for a break after heat 6, It was good to see Gordon getting the hang of the Presto track and turning in some good times as well

as some good results.

With very few off's and retirements it was a good evening for some drivers to produce some unexpected results.

After our tea break we got down to our four finals :-

Final D

Just three drivers on the start grid for this one, We have Iain M, Ray, and Alan.

The start lights went out and Alan raced away with Ray and Iain Chasing and with minimal incidents the 25 laps soon passed with Alan taking the win, Ray in 2nd and

unusually Iain in 3rd.

Final C

The start line included Alan, Keith,Gordon,and Viv, Its very unusual to see Alan and Viv this far down but with everyone improving on their lap times and getting quicker

throughout the evening.

The first few laps were very close, but Keith soon pulled away and stayed there with Alan and Viv chasing each other and Gordon trying to keep pace too.

After the 25 laps it was Keith who took the win from Viv in 2nd, Alan in 3rd and Gordon bringing up the rear.

Final B

Keith joined the start line of Tone, Ian R, and Steve ( what happened here Steve), The lights went out and all raced away and again stayed close for the first 5 laps before

the field started to spread out.

The 25 laps soon passed and it was Tone who took the win from Ian R in 2nd, Steve 3rd and Keith bringing up the rear.

The big one Final A

Tone took his place on the grid with Mike, James H and Richard Turner.

The start was quick and very soon all the drivers settled down to some very quick laps with the fastest lap changing between Mike and James H.

After the 25 laps had past at a very fast rate of miles per hour it was Mike who came in 1st, Richard T taking a deserved 2nd, James H chasing hard in 3rd and also taking

the fastest lap of the night. Tone bought his car hom in 4th.

The results for the night are

Mike 25

Richard T 23

James H 21 + 1pt for fastest lap 6.475 secs

Tone 20

Ian R 19

Steve 18

Keith 17

Viv 16

Alan 15

Gordon 14

Ray 13

Iain 12

Next week its Round 6 of our Sports GT/ Group 5 class

Hope to see you all there
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Thanks Keith. A bit low on numbers tonight and we will be for a few weeks with members still on holiday.

I was reasonably pleased with my heat results but one fourth place gave me limited lane choice for the final - but i will take green if no one wanted it. I had a great battle with James who was pushing hard and then I heard the words "Oh s
t " as he had deslotted, so the pressure was off from James only to be taken up by Richard who also was pushing hard. A good result for Richard, well done mate.

All of last nights heats and finals were close so well done to everyone

Only eleven meetings to go and I have just checked the top five sets of points and is going to be a very close call for club champion and individual class wins this year. I can tell you all one thing our current club champion James will not win the title this year, neither shall I. Any bets as to who will?

See you all next week for Sports/Gt.
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Sorry I missed Wednesday but I will be back next week. As usual it sounds like you have had a good night
Hello All
Sorry for the late reply just been on looking through and updating my points. Not a bad night for me won 3 out of 4 heats and got the fastest lap. Was a messy final for me as to be totally honest i wasnt concentrating at the start so i missed the lights 🤦‍♂ then a few offs put me back as i was catching quick. Well done to mike and richard though and everyone else
See you all next week
Seems like you all had a good night.
Somehow don't think it'll be me as club champion, Mike!!
Defiantly Wont be me as have had a bad mid season, but was nice not to have spend time repairing my car.

Also managed to do my personal fastest lap of the year so far.

Well done to all drivers for a great nights racing and looking forward to the remaining races.

To all drivers

I will be bringing the results sheets to the next slot-it race night so you can all see the probable two results you will be dropping for the 5 from 7, then I can start doing the results for the end of the season and the presentation night.

See you all next week
The next Goodwood meeting on the 13th November will be the date for my Dad's Memorial this year. You all have a private email re this. Thanks.
Good racing by all at the night of Goodwood Cup. "A" finals in yellow wasn't the best for me and a few off's did not help. The McLaren M6A did well!!

Looking forward to the Sports-Grp5. So we all need a good handling/fast car. I wonder which one!!!????

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