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Hi All

As the end of the year approaches the challenge for the classes and the championship is getting all the drivers hot under their collars or

should I say triggers.

We had 12 drivers attend this round and we had some very close racing.

So to the heats with Keith in charge of race control for the evening we got under way.

The heats right from heat one to heat twelve were very fast for this class and as would be expected the dreaded de-slots paid a major part in

deciding who would win there heat or who would come last.

Mike and James H AKA Fast and Furious continued their battle having been drawn against each other in three out of their four heats.

'Harvey kiss or snog' didn't come into play this week..

With every one performing well with only a few minor breakdowns like a wheel coming a drift, a power wire pulling out of the guide or tyres

degrading below the grip level the heats where enjoyed by every one.

So to the finals

Final D, saw the usual line up of Ray and Keith, but on this occasion were joined by Alf.

This was a very quickly decided as Alf in his favorite lane stormed away into the lead and stayed there leaving Keith and Ray to fight for 2nd.

The lucky one was Ray as Keith was still having problems with his Mercedes.

So Alf took the win followed by Ray and Keith.

Final C, The line up see Alf take the Dreaded yellow lane with Stuart, Tone and John M. filling the other three lanes. The places swapped

time and time again until Alf who was driving superbly took the lead and managed to hold on to this to the end even though after 25 laps they

leading 3 where all on the same lap. The result was Alf taking the win from Tone, Stuart and John M.

Final B saw super driver of the night Alf take his place on Yellow lane with Lyle, Steve, and Iain along side him. The start was a good one

with Steve and Alf chasing each other and all the places changing until late in this final when Steve managed to pull away from the chasing

Alf who was still driving at a rapid rate of knots and didn't want Steve to get away. But after the 25 lap Alf had to concede to Steve who took

the win with Alf in second followed by Lyle in third and Iain bringing up the rear.

Final A, this was the big one with all the clubs top drivers fighting for the most championship and class points in their fight for the titles that

are on offer.

So the Line up was Alan H in Red with James H in Blue followed by Steve in the dreaded Yellow and Mike in Green.

The first few laps where very close and places were swapped on many occasions until everyone settled down and Alan H took the lead and

started to pull away to give him some breathing space. Mike and James H. fought it out and on several occasions both de-slotted but

managed to get up to racing speed very quickly. So with Fast and Furious raging for 2nd place the results after a very hard fought race

where Alan H taking the win with James H taking second with Mike just behind him in third and Steve bringing up the rear.

Well done to all the drivers. But a special mention to Alf for his superb drives in finals D, C, and B and only missing out on moving into Final

A by just half a lap. Well done Alf

The results for the night are as follows:-

Alan H 25 + 1pt for fastest lap ( 6.398 secs)

James H 23

Mike 21

Steve 20

Alf 19

Lyle 18

Iain 17

Tone 16

Stuart 15

John M 14

Ray 13

Keith 12

Next week we have our American Muscle class look forward to seeing you all there
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