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Hi All

This week at Presto Park we have our fastest class and as its called 'Fast and Furious'.

Another hazard for this week was a clean track after Mike spent time cleaning it which made the surface very slippery and a lot of us

found it difficult to stay in a straight line or in the corners, however, the track soon rubbered in and we were back to normal.

It was also a great night of friendship and banter which proves that Presto is the place for slot racing.

With 14 drivers attending and as stated on the last report Fast and Furious became the nicknames for Mike and James H as they are the

leaders in the club and class championships.

With Mike being known as Fast and James H as Furious. All the club members where discussing who was going to get in first with the

"Harvey Kiss" and it wasn't long before several drivers were trying out their attempts at the sliding manoeuvre.

We started the heats and I don't know why but between heats one and two we seemed to have been invaded by a mothers meeting, lol.

So once that was adjourned we got back to the racing.

In heat 5 James H managed to get away quickly and to stay in the slot and during the race managed to take the fastest lap as well as a new

class lap record.(5.867 secs)

The rest of the heats went without a problem right up to the tea break.

So to the finals -

Final D saw Iain take on Keith and Ray ( as Little James and his dad had to leave before the finals). The start was fast and some close

racing but after the dreaded de-slots saw Ray take the lead followed by Keith and Iain, then Keith's Mosler started to slow down and ground to

a halt with a burnt out motor leaving Ray to take the win followed by Iain.

Final C saw Ray move into the dreaded yellow lane with Skippy, Alf and Tone. Again it was a fast race with the usual de-slots and after the

25 laps, we had Skippy take the win followed by Tone, Alf and Ray.

Final B we had Skippy take his promoted place in yellow along with James H, Viv and Lyle lined up which again was going to be a very fast

race. which again see James H under six seconds. The other three had no choice but to follow him around to give a result of James H taking

the win to be followed by Lyle who just kept himself out of trouble and in his slot, Skippy managed to take third from Viv bringing up the rear.

Now to the true Fast and Furious Final A which see James H take up his position in the dreaded yellow lane along with Mike in red and Alan H

taking the blue and Steve taking green.

With Mike as Fast and James H as Furious the light s went out and the action started.

Within the first five laps the Harvey Kiss came into play as well as the new Harvey snog to keep him in the groove.

All the lap times for all the drivers were under 6.31 secs. which shows how close all the cars were.

After 25 laps it was Fast Mike over the line first to be followed by Furious James H. With Steve taking third and left Alan to bring up the rear

So the results for a great evenings racing are as follows:-

Mike 25

James H 23 + 1pt for fastest lap and class record 5.867 secs.

Steve 21

Alan H 20

Lyle 19

Skippy 18

Viv 17

Tone 16

Alf 15

Ray 14

Iain 13

Keith 12

James E 11

Richard E 10

See you all next week for the Saloons

Have a great week.


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The practice night was a success as it gives a great chance on trying out various combinations of setup, guide choice, weight distribution etc. but most importantly a chat with others who freely give their suggestions of improving your cars and how they prep' theirs. Shame that is the last one for this year. If Mike was happy and there was enough support for more regular practice nights I would be happy to run it any night of the week to suit the people who wanted to attend.

See you all next week for saloons.

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Hi All,

Congrats to James H for the fastest lap, well done!!

My orange Lambo took the reins that night but altho fast, was no way near close to the fast and furious!!!!!

Practice night was very useful with all sharing each others knowledge, thank you all for that.

Looking forward to next weeks saloons, here comes yellow Opel Calibra with Alfa T133 as the back-up!!


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