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Good morning one and all

We had 14 drivers in attendance for this very fast class.

The heats went quite quickly with only a couple of restarts and a couple of power off due to uncovered screws coming adrift and blocking the slots which

where cleared very quickly by the marshals.

The biggest accident was when little James came out of his slot under the bridge and taking Keith out and off the track for Keith's car to land on the floor in

the depths of the track supports.

So with James our Mr Furious on form and trying to break Mr Fasts lap record, but missing out but the fastest lap, swapping between Mike and James on many


So to the finals

Final E saw just two cars on the grid for the twenty five laps the drivers are Richard E and son James E. This was a slow final but James E went off and in

the first ten laps slowed to allow dad Richard E to catch up, then went off to finish the 25 laps well ahead and move up to D.

Final D saw James E take on Tone, Alf, Ray, Again this was a closely fought final with places swapping on a regular basis with de-slots and towards the

end things settled down and some good racing was had by all. the result after 25 laps was Alf took the win to be followed by Tone, Ray and James E.

Final C Saw Alf Join Keith, Viv, and Alan for a very furious final which again saw places being changed and de-slots sorted out the final placings with a

couple of places being decided within the last few laps.

The results came in as Alan H taking the win, followed by Viv in second and Keith third with Alf a close fourth.

On to Final B with Alan H taking the start line with Steve, Richard T, and Skippy, with the lights going out and the closeness of lap time all around the 6.700

seconds it was close racing until the dreaded de-slots came into play and after the final lap we have Steve take the win, Richard T in second and Alan

taking third and Skippy bringing up the rear.

So to the big one the A FINAL which everyone expected to see the Harvey kiss and snog come into play and everyone chasing the fastest lap of the night and

with 15 points between 1st and second in the championship it was going to be a race of all races.

The line up for this final was Mr Fast in Blue and Mr Furious in Green, Mr smooth in Red and the winner of B final Mr Kwaker in the dreaded Yellow.

The lights went out and all cars came through the first corner with out incident and raced off to be very close for several laps the dreaded de-slots came

into play with all drivers chasing the win and fastest lap.

At the end of the twenty five laps and many scraps we had James H take the win and also the fastest lap with Mike close behind and Steve taking third with

Lyle bringing up the rear.

So that bought to the end of the 2018 season for Goodwood cars and the next Goodwood meeting with be in 2019.

So the final Results for the night are:-

James H 25 + 1pt for fastest lap 6.252 sec

Mike 23

Steve 21

Lyle 20

Richard T 19

Alan H 18

Skippy 17

Viv 16

Keith 15

Alf 14

Tone 13

Ray 12

James E 11

Richard E 10

Now the final Goodwood Championship results.

Mike 163

James 151

Lyle 145

Richard T 135

Steve 135

Alan H 117

Viv 107

Tone 107

Keith 92

Skippy 78

Alf 73

John D 63

Ray 62

John M 38

Iain 27

James E 20

Richard E 18

See you all next week for the final round of our Sports GT and Group 5 class.

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Another great night of very close finishes which completes this years rounds of the Goodwood Championship. Several of you have asked where you stand at the moment in the overall championship placings so here you are :-

1. JAMES 953

2. MIKE 944

3. LYLE 810

4. STEVE 752

5. TONE' 730

6. ALAN H 668

7. RICHARD T 582

8.SKIPPY 577

9. KEITH 564

10. ALF 552

11. RAY 541

12. IAIN 494

13. VIV 398

14. JOHN M 351

15. JOHN D 226

16. JAMES E 113

17. RICHARD E 106

18. STUART 68

19. ASHLEY 16


We have just one race left in each of the four remaining races, Saloons, F1, American Muscle and Sports/Gp5. For each of these the top three places are still to be decided. This means a 'down to the wire' last race for each remaining class. Having run Presto for the last twelve years never has a season been so close for each class.

Good luck to you all for the remaining races. Mike

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Hi All,

Thanks to Keith for an excellent report and the drivers of this evening for a challenging race. Those leaders were fast and consistent well done.

I'm still learning and will get there one day.

Looking forward to the Sports/GT, will see a few Moslers racing I;m sure.

See you on the grid,


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Well i didnt expect that 🤷‍♂😂 there was some very close battles throughout the night on track for not only final positions but championship positions too ! This hasnt been one of my top classes but I actually had time this week to sit and go through the p68 and well it paid off 👍 i am now 9 points clear at the top of the championship and giving Mike a hard time about it 😉😂 sorry mate but someone had to step up and do it this year ! Hopefully next week i cant gain some more points with the mosler, ferrari and lambo possibly coming out
See you all then 👍

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Well done James on a good nights racing. Congrats to you Mike on a goodwood championship win 🏆 Ill take 3rd on the night but hope for better results next season. And well done Keith on a sub 7 sec lap. Roll on next week
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