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Another week closer to Christmas and another chance for Mr Fast and Mr Furious with Mr Kwacker and Mr T all trying to see if they can catch up in the points.

With a total of 13 drivers in attendance we were hoping for some fast and close racing.

The heats got underway and it was soon showing that James H was determined to claim the top slot in this class as in Heat two he went all out and his lap

times just got faster and faster eventually taking the fastest lap of the night and the new lap record for this class at 5.928 secs. Well done James well deserved.

All the rest of the heats went very much as expected and just a couple of minor breakdowns to add to the spoils of the night.

So to the finals:-

Final D, we had a very unusual line up with Ray and Keith and we were surprised to see Lyle and Iain. The start went fairly smoothly Lyle went straight into

the lead and pulled out a half second lead very quickly. So after 25 laps as expected Lyle took the win with Iain and Keith chasing second place but it was

Iain who took second with Keith third and Ray Fourth.

Final C. saw Lyle take his place in the dreaded yellow lane being joined by Skippy, Viv and Alf. The first few laps places were being swapped on a regular

basis until about half distance when everyone settled down. with no major issues happening the result was Skippy taking the spoils, Lyle taking second

and Alf in third with Viv bringing up the rear.

Final B we had Tone taking on Alan H, Mr Kwaker and Skippy in the yellow lane. Again another very fast final with a few dreaded de-slots and some very

quick laps and places were swapped with this being a very close final. The final lap passed and it was Mr Kwacker who took the spoils with Skippy,Alan H

and Tone following home respectivily.

Final A, This is the one to decide who takes the class championship for 2018, So the line up was Mr T, Mr Fast, Mr Kwacker and finally Mr Furious..

The start saw all four cars enter the corner side by side and coming down the back straight with everyone within in two car length of one another. With Mike and James H

challenging each other James H tried to break his new lap record but could only manage the old record of 5.948 secs with Mike trying hard to catch him

but could only manage a very fast 6 secs dead. So after the 25 laps it was James H who took the win followed by Mike in a second, Steve in third and

Richard T bringing the night to an end in fourth.

So tonights results are:-

James H 25 + 1pt for fastest lap and class record at 5.928 secs

Mike 23

Steve 21

Richard T 20

Skippy 19

Alan H 18

Tone 17

Lyle 16

Alf 15

Viv 14

Iain 13

Keith 12

Ray 11

So with these results added to the rest of the seasons points the final results for 2018 are :-

James H 165

Mike 146

Lyle 142

Skippy 137

Richard T 125

Steve 122

Tone 114

Alan H 113

Viv 107

Alf 104

Iain 82

Keith 82

Ray 75

John M 38

James E 10

Richard E 9

All other club members scored 0 as they did not attended any meetings in this class

See you all next week for the Goodwood Class.

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Well done James and well deserved. How the hell I was over a lap in the lead and you won I have no idea except getting caught up in other accidents and a wrong lane marshalling error.

Steve up there again, so well done to him and of course 'Mr Steady and dependable' Richard showing us all that if you can stay in the slot you can still make the A final. Well done mate.

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Thanks for the comments guys, turned out to be a very good nights work for me with 4 heat wins as well as winning the A final from being over a lap down at the start and to top it all off a new class record i think its a job well done. It was close racing all the way through the night between everyone and yes Steve, Alf and Ray the lambo now can go in a glass box out of the way till the endurance race 👍😂 see you all next week for goodwood where i hope to extend my championship lead even more

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Well done James, and all, very close racing all evening! Since there is a threat towards Black Lambos, to confuse the opposition, I will race mine along side Alf's and yours. The only thing is that we will be confused instead. How about cloaking yours in white!!!???? My Lambo "INK-L" held together well, I'm pleased.

Aha, Goodwood class next week, so it's Lola T70's turn in Surtees red, BOAC sponsored!! Alfie, take note, GC.

See you all on the starting grid,


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Well done James a great result and well deserved. I really thought that Lyle would make it all the way to the A final to put the cat amongst the pigeons but alas was not to be. The Aston is starting to tire so a new build is on the cards for next year. This will relegate the Red Aston to reserve and hopefully preserve its almost unscathed condition. With only one car in this class preservation prevents me from pushing harder. That said thank you all for a great nights racing. I'm very happy to have made the A final so will take 4th place gracefully. This weekend will see the second rebuild of my GT40 within the last two outings. I think a new car for next year beakons. I made a point this year to race what I already had to keep the spending under control. Now winter is upon us a bit more time may now be available for rebuilds and set ups.
Thank you once again for a great night and see you all next week.
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