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Like many of the citizens of SlotForum Richard Perry a.k.a. Mr Modifier has a Slot Car Obsession.

Over time he came up with a few wizard wheezes (products) that just had to be made to make his slot racing life a little bit special.

As it happens; a few others found these products to be quite useful and so Route1Racing was born and has funded Richard's habit ever since.

Buying these products not only enhances your slotting experience - it also helps to make sure Richard's missus doesn't know how much cash is invested in his slot car cupboards and storage boxes (thanks PayPal!!!)

Anyway - enough waffle - this is what Route1Racing currently has in the goody box...


And the original threads are...

Click me for a Review

Click me to see cars that have been equipped with SureChange

Click me to see the original SlotForum SureChange launch thread

Click me to see a classic Scalextric 260Z fitted with SureChange (including a video link in the thread)

Satin Black tyres...

Richard makes a widening range of medium hardness urethane tyres that are bought by a select few slotters who keep coming back to equip more and more of their fleet. Richard has even made tyre moulds to order - you need to supply original tyres in good condition and buy 10 pairs - Richard will make the mould and add the tyre to his range and send your 10 pairs to you along with your originals. Customers report that the medium hardness offers good life and similar or slightly better grip than treated original tyres.

The full range of tyres can be found at and there is a handy and comprehensive tyre and wheel sizing chart to help you find the right tyre.

Richard also makes some exclusive concave moon disk wheels that are 3D printed in nylon and have unique deep "V" tyres in very low profile.

DigiPace pace car controller for SSD...

DigiPace pace car controller for Scalextric SSD. Designed for the 4 car PB but also compatible with both 6 car power bases - the DigiPace is a simple twin controller that you can use to set two pace cars running around your track. You control the speed of each car and whether they stay in one lane or continuously change lanes. There is even a friendly red emergency brake button for each car to break up pace car trains or to avoid crashes. Set two pace cars running with magnets and chuck the magnets out of the car you are driving - then let the fun begin!!!

Click me for a thread showing DigiPace

Click me for a SlotForum press release about DigiPace and "V" wheels and tyres

... and finally - there are more goodies in the pipeline and they will be added to this thread in due course

Thanks for reading this

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Hello denizens of SlotForum,

Due to personal circumstances I have decided to suspend the Route1Racing website as making and stocking some of our products is proving very problematic at the moment and I hate disappointing customers and fellow enthusiasts.

However if you are desperate to get hold of Inox MX3 or SureChange guides them PM me and I can continue to supply these as they are in plentiful supply and ready to dispatch.

I hope that this will be a temporary suspension and that Route1Racing will be up and running on the InterWeb in all its former glory in a few months.

I will still be here on the Forum most day and racing every week at Pantyffynnon Slot Car Club.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays and I hope 2016 brings you peace and prosperity.

Richard aka Mr Modifier
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Thanks for all of your help and guides .......... I hope the site is only down for a short while .....

All the best -
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Hello Richard
Thanks again for the last lot of tyres you supplied hope you can resume production in the future. Seasons greetings to you and all. Cheers John.
Festive Greets, Richard!

Hope you get the site up and running again soon - I've loved using your super-thin braids on my sprint racers this past season (and who knows - maybe that's what gave me the race-winning advantage?) and will need to reorder soon as I'm running low!
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Hi Richard thanks for all the tyres you supplied to me I hope you are up and running again very soon.

Cheers Lee
Thanks for your encouraging words everybody.

I can make some supplies via PM - premises and storage are my big issues at the moment. SureChange guides, Inox MX3 and super soft flexible braid are not a problem.

I can do tyres but there could be delays of several weeks between order and dispatch at the moment. I am hoping to resolve things by Easter.

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