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I've been toying with the idea of doing a routed SSD track (I can build my own lanechangers, and have a spot for the PB to plug in). In sketching ideas/etc, as well as watching a lot of racing, I came up with an idea I wanted to run past everyone for comments and critiques.

Most routed tracks, even digital ones, are designed from an analog point of view. By that I mean that you start with 2 (or 4) lanes all around the track, and if you're digital you have a few lane changes, maybe a few expansions of 2->4 lanes, and if you're REALLY thinking hard you have a few "best racing line" type areas with lane changes on corners. This makes for fun tracks, and where 95% of the time the person with the best lap time also wins the race because you're almost never blocked for more than 2 seconds behind anyone.

What if, instead of that, you design a track more like a real racing track. On a real track, even if you're slow people typically can't get around you until a large straight with a bend at the end, or a really technical set of 2-3 corners. The best RACER wins, not the fastest lapper (lets ignore Vettel for now

So my idea:
Make the majority of the track SINGLE lane. The starting grid would be double lane, but closing into single lane on the first turn. Depending on the size of your track, you would have 2-5 (or for a huge club track, 5-10) "passing areas," but where you activate lane change to go OFF the racing line in an attempt to scoot past. For example, in a twisty section, you could have an outside-inside line which you can LC into (for maybe 2 meters?) that then merges back off the next straight. So you can take the faster line (which you'd do if you're in front), OR you can take the riskier line if you think you can take them.

I think the result would be fun, and require actual skill to up your place in the grid.

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