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Corrosion of the contact strip would be a problem - unless, of course, one could find a source of stainless steel braid ( commonly used to armor high pressure fluid lines like brake lines) in the right size or, alternatively, negotiate for gold plated copper braid.

The link to the CNC routed PVC track is interesting - I have spoken with them and it is more expensive than home routed MDF but not in the league with professionally built track. I briefly thought about using PVC for home routed track but disgarded the idea. While a CNC router offers precise control of cutting speed, I think it would be difficult to control hand routing well enough to avoid the possibility of going too slowly and melting the plastic.

Weather related expansion and contraction might also be an issue. I don't think that water shorting the track would be an electrical problem. The resistance of rain water is pretty high. On the other hand, racing in the rain might throw a different light on car weight, tread compound and tread pattern - water is a good lubricant for rubber surfaces. (boat prop shafts run in water immersed rubber bearings)

Depending on location, there might be others hazards as well. Several years ago, my daughter was populating a sand castle with toy aminals about the size and weight of a light 1/32 car. A gull swooped down, grabbed one of the toys and flew away, depositing it in the ocean about 100 yards offshore!

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