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routed track, 3 lanes

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Hi Folks,

i´m working on my track and it seems i can finish it in the next few weeks.
After a long planing period i started in April 2011 with the routing.
The result will be a 3 lane track, build with 12mm MDF, each lane with nearly.

The szenerie should be old style, like a desert track with rocks, sand, maybe like Riverside.
But my goal for the next weeks is to drive asap.

More pictures will follow.

Keep on racing
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Hi Thomas, looking fwd to your visit. My progress is slow in the moment due to family and job...Lets call it a creative break as I am getting a bit nerved by the suburbia-village I want to install. No real great idea for it yet. Regards Jens

btw.: maybe there are some photos from your work? Me and I think the other freaks here would love to see some.
Hi Thomas,

nice progress! The track looks great flowing and a blast to drive; I guess I have to come arround for a test! Looking fwd to see your scenery.

ZITAT(Lasp @ 9 Oct 2012, 21:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>OMG We was in the sydphals last weeks. I dint no that that was slot racing arund the wineyard!...
@Lasp: You have been here and didnt come for a visit? Südpfalz starts 2km from the place I live!, too. Thomas only lives about 20km away! Next time!

Regards Jens

Btw: Thomas, you can post pictures by clicking your photos in picasa with the right mousetrigger, then goto "Grafikadresse kopieren". After that just chose the "insert picture button" from above the answering sheet and just insert the copied adress into the popup. Its easier for us others to watch your pictures then...
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1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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