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hi this is something i have been working on for a while.
Trying to make a routered lane changer simple and removable etc.
I have basicaly removed the lane changer from a scalextric curved changer and mounted a 13mm oak flipper on top of it.
Then mounted it under the track.
You do have to remove and router in the sensors though.
We ran it during an endurance event last week and it was faultless.

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nice results Lee.
i opted just to sink in the whole xlc into the mdf. So far after many hours of use they have been faultless.

To remove is just a few screws and de solder the wires wich are tacked onto the underside of the rails.

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Hi ade
I also let the changers in originaly.
I found that during the hot and cold weather they move.
I keep having to adjust them so will eventualy route them all in.
Also its alot smoother as you don't have the transition from braid to rail.
The flipper is also silent.


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Very clever. I couldn't quite work it out at first, but what a simple and elegant solution.

Have you done any other prep top the flipper to ensure it works smoothly for a long time? I've got to sticky flippers giving me occasional annoyance.
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