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:huh:Hello all, I am new to this forum and have enjoyed so far. So much to learn in this Hobby.
I have always raced ho scale slots, have a few decent tracks.
Just recently I made a trade for some 1/32nd. slots and have been hooked ever since.I dremeled the guide flags narrow enough to run on my maxtrax 6 lane and love it. reminds me of my favorites(t-jet) racing in larger more detailed scale. well I have been unemployed for awhile and got some time on my hands but cash is limited. So I have (hopefully) decided to route my own 4 lane track from Sintra(similar to maxtrax).
So here is some questions I need answered. also any input you can give me as to not ruin and having to start over.

First off I would like to thank Tom Bowman for his input on
the material to make the track.
I have already talked with them and have decided to make my track
from 3=4x8 sheets of Sintra.
Now I have some other questions.Track is gonna be 4 lanes.
1st. Is it possiblt to make the track to run ho, and 1/32nd. cars on?
2nd. How wide should i space the rails for both size cars?
3rd. How wide should I space the lanes for both?
4th. What is the best to make the rails?(running magnet cars)
5th. Are the rails a certain depth?
6th. Where do I purchase the rail?
7th. Can I use a high speed drill press to make my straights?
8th. What type, and size bit do I need?
9th. Are there any good sites to get all this info, or How to
10th. Is it possible to make each 4x8 sheet continuous rail,
or maybe route track after it is built into one continuous rail per

Thank you all for great info on everything that is needed to have Fun
in your own basement on Friday and saturday nights.
and most of all it is free to all who will read it.
I have taken a few of my 1/32nd. Fly cars and ground the width of the
Then I have to widen the braid on said guides to run on my 4x16 6
lane oval maxtrax.
We can run 3 cars without any problems.
it just isn't made for 1/32nd cars and lanes are not wide enough.
I also want some turns on the backstretch. It gets a little boring
going in circles alllll the time.
Still lots of fun for several hours over the weekend.

Thank you all,
Jeff deaton-jdracing
[email protected]
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