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RS Components - Tweet Race

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Enter your design for the world's first slot car race powered only by Twitter

We're looking for SlotForum members who think they'll be up for the challenge of designing a slotcar control system, that will use the power of Twitter, to race two cars on a Scalextric track.

There is an API available that must be used, but you must come up with the physical interface design.

There's a £150 RS Components spending spree up for grabs if your design is chosen.

The closing date for entries is 31st July and the launch of the public voting will be second week of August

On your marks...

Please email [email protected] for more details.



How it will work:

Once the system is built and the track is ready, a Facebook page will be launched accompanying the Twitter campaign.

The Facebook page will let people register with their Twitter handle and state which car they will be voting for (either Red or Blue for example).

Then each time a user Tweets the correct hashtag (either #RSRed or #RSBlue) the car will move automatically.

For one week the amount of tweets for each car will be recorded, and then on the final day of the campaign a live stream will run showing the cars moving depending on the amount of Tweets each has received in that week. And then for the remainder of the day people can continue to Tweet using the correct hashtags and the cars will move in real time.

Get involved for a bit of fun. Perhaps the slowest slot race of all time, but perhaps the race with the most amount of participants !
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QUOTE (-Sy- @ 20 Jul 2012, 04:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>.I think we need ideas like this to get the younger generation interested in slot cars, the hobby is full of 40+ people, no so many teenagers tho.

I have to claim a disinterest in making slot cars like a video game.

The above however is due to young males chasing women, then busy nest building and child rearing so it is not until 40 that one gets any kind of respite for something that is on the whole well quiet and for the most part done in a large shed. Add that to the fact that very few children and into model building etc...

Now a pub with a slot car club? That may attract a younger crowd but there is still all the testosterone to deal with. When I was younger and messing with real cars, something that is getting to be outside the domain of the tinkerer, I always wanted my workshop to be a one-way mirror away from a disco or club.

Anyway I hope someone gets some pleasure out of Tweeting.
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1 - 1 of 136 Posts
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