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Subjective I know, but I am having to be really careful how many more cars I add to my collection so briefly if I could only buy one of the available RS200s (not counting the 'old' ones, which is best and why? PS, I only race for fun and do have some shelf queens...

Thanks for the opinions and expertise.
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I must be the only person who thinks the MSC car doesn't look quite right around the cockpit area, to me it doesn't look like the real car, IMO the old SCX RS200 looks more like the 1:1 car than either the new Scalextric or the MSC, but it's a long time since I saw a 1:1 RS200, certainly over 20 years.
If it were me I'd buy an old RS200 and an MSC Monte Carlo chassis kit.
The thing is, if you're happy with to run a car that looks wrong, why bother running a model of a car at all, why not just run a coloured lexan wedge on a brilliant chassis that drives like a dream?
I've raced Lexan blobs with magnets, it's really good fun, I've also got a couple of squashed toad Ninco rally cars, they're good fun as well, but they aren't scale model cars that you can race but racing slot cars, it just depends what you want.
QUOTE (Wankel Ickx @ 22 Sep 2011, 09:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Jennifer Aniston: both dubious choices.

Yeah, but think of how many slot cars she could buy you, she could even get you a 1:1 RS200.
QUOTE (speedyroadster @ 22 Sep 2011, 12:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Will Jen be there too?

Yep, she's doing lap dances for a good cause.

Surprised the new Scaley RS200 is 2wd, they seem to stick a belt on everything else.
QUOTE (ironman @ 24 Sep 2011, 10:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>i dont see how you can say the msc rs200 doesnt look like an rs200.

Have you actually seen a 1:1 RS200, the whole cockpit area of the MSC one is wrong, the roof is too high, god knows why because you'd think a low roof would make a better handling car.
QUOTE (ironman @ 24 Sep 2011, 16:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>my lass cant see the difference either.
That's irrelevant, because having seen both you and your lass, you're punching well above your weight, so she must have eye sight problems.
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QUOTE (ironman @ 25 Sep 2011, 11:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>trust me im the best looking man in stanley

Doesn't he mind?
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