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Subjective I know, but I am having to be really careful how many more cars I add to my collection so briefly if I could only buy one of the available RS200s (not counting the 'old' ones, which is best and why? PS, I only race for fun and do have some shelf queens...

Thanks for the opinions and expertise.
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Guys, thanks! I have a few of the Old Scaley ones and they were fine untill I saw new ones! In the same way I was happy with the Mk 1 Escort. I still like the old ones but the new tooling, tampo...

I take all your points on board with thanks. I am not a great racer, nor a great modeller but am competant at both. If any kind person perhaps QUOTE ferraif40QUOTE has both and a digital camera then side by side shots might help more than just me? My lack of skill as a racer would probably negate a significant degree of speed...
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QUOTE Given that the reason AutoArt cars perform so badly is its insistence on using scale measurements... if you're that fussed, take the widscreen off the AutoArt Sierra and see which one it fits. The RS200 had about 40% in common with the Sierra and the windscreen was the biggest external part.QUOTE

A truly sensible suggestion. That is the essence of my dilemma. I want it to 'look right' and go well. I am prepared to compromise, but not to the extent of, say the Scaley TR7.

QUOTE Mr M, we are not worthy. Quality.QUOTE

Glad it wasn't only me that found that amusing...
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