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Subjective I know, but I am having to be really careful how many more cars I add to my collection so briefly if I could only buy one of the available RS200s (not counting the 'old' ones, which is best and why? PS, I only race for fun and do have some shelf queens...

Thanks for the opinions and expertise.
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i dont see how you can say the msc rs200 doesnt look like an rs200. possibly i dont have a tape measure that goes into a tenth of a mm but i cant tell the difference looking at a real car then looking at the msc.

i would say the msc version could have done better with the detail on the rear window, and the scaley version could have done better with the air intake pods, but both are significantly better than the old scaley/scx ones that just look like toys with stickers on. yes they might be more scale accurate to the rivet counters but the details are pretty awful the drivers look like blobs and the wheels look like too plasticky. so out of the 3 i'd say it is the old one that is closest to driving a coloured blob around the track.

id be very interested to see jons article and the picture of the cars next to each other.
just spent the last 20 minutes comparing pictures of an rs200 to pictures of the msc rs200 i think the windscreen might possibly look too high but then most of the real cars have vinyl on making the windscreens look smaller. my lass cant see the difference either.
QUOTE (Julian_Boolean @ 24 Sep 2011, 18:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That's irrelevant, because having seen both you and your lass, you're punching well above your weight, so she must have eye sight problems.

trust me im the best looking man in stanley

thanks for the pics cabbyman now it i can see differences a bit better i suppose both cars are modeled well enough for me if scalextric got their fingers out of their bumholes on time i might have bought theirs before the msc was released but thats the way they go. the scaley driver and friend do look like little ugly big headed dwarf people. ford new umpa lumpa race team. it seems like they only bother putting effort into drivers in open topped cars.
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you get a decal sheet with the letter L, the womans face logos and the word bastos i think. good quality decals i enjoyed putting them on.
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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