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On the subject of rubber and tyres:

I used to use WD-40 to clean some of my tyres - mainly the non-magnet cars as it added grip for the first few laps. I noticed a slight deterioration in the rubber after a while so I stopped using it.

The other day I was truing a set of tyres for a Porsche 911 GT1 Evo2 RS and noticed that using fine sandpaper, truing at high speed, the tyres got soft from the friction and started to melt slightly I put it on the track and it went off lick a rocket with fantastic traction.

Sure - if you do this too often you'll end up with no tyres left, but my questions are: Do people warm their tyres before racing? When you race do you go with a few sets to replace as the race or series goes on?

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doug a couple of years ago I made a set of tyre warmers to try this out made little or no difference .best thing with rubber tyres is 3 in one oil or sun tan lotion
sure the tyres degrade but you get grip but for your sport track ortmans ar the best
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